CokeStudio Season 8 Episode 3 #CokeStudio8

You can read the Episode 1 review here and Episode 2 review here Man Amadeh am - Gul and Atif give us a folk-pop-routine fused song which is brilliant in bits but cacophonous in the rest. I would have loved a slightly subtle arrangement in the middle portions of the song. Absolutely loved the way … Continue reading CokeStudio Season 8 Episode 3 #CokeStudio8


‘New’ year?

Grew up with you, sir. Be it the wait for a new album to be released Be it 'begging' for the poster of 'face to face' from the cassette shop (shiv electronics, bhootnath Lucknow). Be it your first ever concert I attended in Lucknow Be it the first ever album I got 'dubbed' (In Search) … Continue reading ‘New’ year?