Ghanchakkar – Music review

Staying close to the premise of the film is not something most music composers know in our lovely industry. Recently though, Music albums of Go Goa Gone and few others have successfully wrapped themselves around the feel of the film and boy were they good! Amit Trivedi’s latest offering - Ghanchakkar joins the league of … Continue reading Ghanchakkar – Music review

Bhoos ke dher mein – Lyrics and meaning – #GangsOfWasseypur

Right! Time for the another song lyrics and and it's meaning from the album Gangs of Wasseypur...This one, as a little birdie tells me, is a personal favorite of the pen magician (Varun Grover) who has to be credited for the song and for all the posts in this blog on Gangs of Wasseypur The … Continue reading Bhoos ke dher mein – Lyrics and meaning – #GangsOfWasseypur

Womaniya – Lyrics

Thanks to Varun Grover, here are the lyrics of the song 'Womaniya' (from the music of the  film - Gangs Of Wasseypur). These are the original lyrics that were submitted but some words may have been altered during the final output. O Womaniya Prelude: तारै जो बबूना....तरती बबुनिया... बबूना के हत्थे न चरति बबुनिया... Mukhda: ओ … Continue reading Womaniya – Lyrics

Gangs of Wasseypur – Music review (Ok…Almost!)

ये पोस्ट सबसे पहले यहाँ छपी है - The complete track listing and credits and an option to buy can be found here  1. Jiya ho bihar – The song starts with faint ‘thaaps’ as if a traditional song but soon is joined by electric guitars and then the techno arrangement leads us to the very … Continue reading Gangs of Wasseypur – Music review (Ok…Almost!)