Jack n Dil music review

Music review of Jack n dil here https://soundcloud.com/user-42438886/jackndil


Zero to infinity – Music review

You can listen to the music review of this lovely album here - https://www.bbc.com/hindi/media-44418679 I love what raftaar and what he does with his songs and how he never indulges with and panders to frustu lovers who abuse.

Music review – Fever

You can listen to the music review here - http://www.bbc.com/hindi/multimedia/2016/07/160707_bbc_music_review_spk.shtml An album that has as many as 15 songs, misses the melody point completely.

Cabaret + Housefull 3 – Music reviews

Tiring, that is what these film music albums are at best. At one hand we have Cabaret that has one good good song and is accused of murdering some really nice classics along the way. My review here http://bit.ly/cabaretbbc On the other hand we have Housefull 3, the lesser said the better. My review here … Continue reading Cabaret + Housefull 3 – Music reviews