Manikarnika Music review

You can listen to the music review here. What got cut out was my part on the song sung by Parsoon joshi. It is a terribly sung song, where the tune and Prasoon are going in such opposite directions, it will make you feel east and west are  next door neighbors, the same row of … Continue reading Manikarnika Music review

2018 – Film Music Round Up + Playlist

  In the last 5 years, 2018 was easily the best when it came to film music. It was also the year in which the drip irrigation music release technique ('release one song when you want and let them wait for the album') was at its peak(?). At the time this post is getting baked, … Continue reading 2018 – Film Music Round Up + Playlist

Don 2 – Music review

After being thoroughly disappointed by the music of Zindagi na milegi dobara, (You can read my thoughts on ZNMD music here  I was literally afraid to listen to this album but then how can you NOT listen to DON 2? The teasers were too tempting for me and I gave in. Let's see if the … Continue reading Don 2 – Music review

Zindagi na milegi dobara – Music review…well almost! :)

1. Kab tak giney- Yes it is the electric guitar with quick tempo drums...what else do we expect from a movie with SEL (shankar ehsaan loy) these days. Ok Ok it does add a little bit of youth quotient to the sound of it.  Shankar mahadevan, Joi and Suraj Jagan sing this one. The sudden … Continue reading Zindagi na milegi dobara – Music review…well almost! 🙂