Meri Pyaari Bindu – Music review

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You can listen to my music review of Meri Pyaari Bindu here – http://www.bbc.com/hindi/media-39822856

An album that contains a ghazalnuma song that we will remember for a long long time.

Agreed that

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It is not normal for me to pen anything about any song before I review the album because 

  1. Noone reads/cares about what I think 
  2. Point number (1) above doesn’t matter to me because I don’t care, am arrogant like that.
  3. I am lazy


All this had to take a break when I heard this song whose screenshot I have pasted. What a delightful ghazal-numa song by Sachin-Jigar! Kausar munir top of her game and Parineeti – So real and not autotuned, emotion just right amount of filmy and piercingly real…and all this in one song!

So thrilled! I hope you give this song a listen even if you are in ‘I don’t like Parineeti’ zone because honestly you would be a bum to avoid a song only because you don’t like what the artist is in actual life/whatever you have come to know about her/him via sources who have nothing to do, but to be on social media and jerk off to mediocre gossip (or pander to celebrities/journos) for a living. 

Suniye…zaroor suniye and zaroor sochiye – What if there is another crackling version of this in unplugged setting?

Sachin Jigar remain one of the most promising music composers we have today. 

P.S. – If you think this is a ‘promoted’ blogpost, read point number (2) above and Fuck off from here! 

Music review of Mary Kom and Finding fanny

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The reviews for both the films are now live on the BBC website

Listen to the wonderful music album and then listen to the music review of Mary Kom here – http://www.bbc.co.uk/hindi/multimedia/2014/08/140822_music_review_marykom_sb.shtml

50% out of tune and 50% just about hitting the mark I feel the music of finding fanny is and  here is the music review of of the same – http://www.bbc.co.uk/hindi/multimedia/2014/08/140829_music_review_new_sb.shtml

Feedback, brutal feedback welcome

Shuddh Desi Romaaaaaaaaaaaans – Music review


Tere mere beech is a breath of fresh air largely due to the singing of Sunidhi Chauhan and Mohit Chauhan. The use of brass bands is always a welcome and in the ‘not so party’ song like this, the use of the same is clever! The arrangement is just right and the excellent use of mouth organ is refreshing! Not to forget the friendly banter (and queries) by Parineeti chopra throughout the song. The title song Shudh desi romance is racy but has an eerie similarity to this song here and that’s about it! Benny dayal and Shalmali are clearly having a lot of fun! The song has a 90s feel to it. Didn’t work for me though. Chanchal mann ati random barring the street sounds in the beginning gives you a feel of havan karengey (from Bhaag milkha bhaag) but the moment Divya kumar takes the microphone, everything is clear and crystal clear (hear the koyal go kooo in the background!) The superlative use of ‘ati random’ in the lyrics is top class and even though the song (especially in both the antraas) sounds a bit cluttered, this is the song that creates a lot of wolf whistles on the dance-floor (and the ‘ara ra ra ra’ bits are perfect to make a train on the dance floor by the way). There is some Harmonium as well! Too much in one song and that too, done brilliantly! Gulabi is what will remind a lot of people of Amit trivedi-sque tunes and S.E.L.-sque treatment, but the song belongs to Sachin Jigar and has a sway sway fly awaaaaaaaaaaaay feel to it. The main hook, constructed around the Rajasthani folk tune is excellent! jigar and Priya do well to add to the pep factor and this is another song that is very very dance-floor friendly.

The other half of the album contains some ‘randomly’ titled instrumental tracks. Tez wala attraction is racy and sounds a bit like ‘humka peeni hai’ from Dabangg. Bhanwara maa bhatkey is a cute little piece with a lot of local sounds and Divya kumar going at it. Before you can make an opinion on what is going on, the track ends. Boyfriend banogey uses the folk part (that’s the hook in the Gulabi song) and goes on and about without making much of a splash. The folk hook, honestly speaking is too infectious though. Love in Jaipur has Priya Saraiya going on and about having hiccups and singing a folk tune. The clever use of Harmonium is again on display here for all to hear. Mujhe kiss kar saktey ho has a good bass arrangement and gives out a Spanish (No not Senorita spanish!) feel. I particularly the lovely start to this track.

The lyrics penned by Jaideep Sahni are good, in fact, very good! When you hear the full album at one go, you cannot help but feel that In addition to the work that is done in the studio, there is a good amount of effort to capture street sounds including kids chatting up, birds twittering etc.

With Go Goa Gone and a guest appearance in Issaq already done and dusted, here is another album that hugs the genre and storyline to give out the complete feel of the film. Well done Sachin – Jigar!

Issaq – Music review

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Issaq tera sung by Mohit chauhan has all the elements of a typical ‘hopeless in love’ song. Be it the dreamy and minimalistic music arrangement or the gentle ticks which accompany the song throughout. The words are easy and the flow of the song is just right.

Jheeni re jheeni portrays a rainy night and not before long, Ustad Rashid Khan mesmerizes us with his singing. Excellent use of sarangi. It is quite a rare feat to stand up and hold your ground when Ustad ji is singing and Pratibha not only does that but adds so much character to the song! This comes from the same musical duo that gave us ‘slowly slowly’ (Go Goa Gone) not before long! The way the song dovetails the classic ‘nindia bairi bhayee’ in the middle portion is just too good! 2 Thumbs up!

Bhole chale gets Rahul Ram (from Indian ocean) to team up with Sachinn gupta. A song that celebrates the overalls of Lord Shiva’s entourage as he is on the way to get married. While the essence of the song might remind you of ‘shivji behaney chaley’, the execution is brave and loud in right measure. A superb song! Thumbs up!

Aag ka dariya gets Ankit tewari back (after his rather melodious query lately). Composed by Sachinn Gupta, it is another brave song that oozes attitude and is in your face. Penned (rather built upon) the famous Jigar Muradabadi verse ‘Ye ishq nahi asaan bas itna samajh lijye, ek aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jaana hai’, the song is above average and what helps great deal is the always present Electric guitar. Never too loud, just right.

Enne unne ho gaya comes out of the Tanu weds Manu combo of Krsna and Rajshekhar. In this album however, it fills the ‘dinchak song’ slot. Sung by Mamta Sharma, Kirthi Sagathia, Papon, Tarun Sagar, Krsna and a group of good backup vocals, the song has liberal double meaning at its disposal and Krsna doesn’t let even a ‘silvat’ go waste. :). The only thing I liked was the usage of the word ‘Bauram’ in the song.

Bhagan ke Rekhan by the wonderful Malini Awasthi and Raghubir Yadav is a delicious beauty on which the ‘folk hungry’ people like me will feast and feast well. The guitars, shehnai and the effective percussion is too haunting! The song clearly belongs to Malini Awasthi. 2 Thumbs up!

Issaq Tera (Duet) The title song gets it’s duet version and boy does it rock! One patient listening to the song and you realise that it is Smita Jain who adds the right amount of love to Issaq along with the usually dependable Mohit chauhan. It’s a pity that the song ends too soon because we would have liked to hear Smita and Mohit a little more.

Aag ka dariya (unplugged version) Is sung by Sachinn Gupta. It is a slow and melancholic sibling to the louder counterpart that appears earlier in the album. The almost whisper like rendition is quite engaging mostly because of the voice quality of Sachinn gupta. We would certainly like to hear more of this voice. Sachinn you listening?

Issaq is a splendid music album that enjoys a confluence of various talented composers, singers and lyricists. The sprinkling of Hindustani classical and folk with the right serving of contemporary is what makes this album un-putdownable.

My picks – Issaq tera (duet), Jheeni re, Bhagan ke Rekhan, Bhole chaley and Aag ka dariya

Go Goa Gone – Music review

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With the O.S.T. of some films ‘celebrating 100 years of cinema’ hooked and cooked with, here comes an unashamedly party album that is not confused about it’s identity and presentation.

Slowley Slowley – Heavy bass arrangements and a ‘phunk’ start scream ‘party song’ right from the word go! The atmosphere is created superbly within the first minute of the song. Excellent back up vocals ensure that this shall be a ‘long play’ song at the dance floor and I am quite sure it shall be used well in the film as well. The film deals with Zombies and trust me the way the song ends, you will know it. Excellent touch, that!

Khoon choos ley – Oh the excellent start to the song! Surprising enough the song DOES NOT deal with Zombies! It is a song for our beloved ‘Monday’! The blood sucking Monday that we all love to hate! Penned smartly, arranged smartly, everything is spot on for this ‘Monday anthem’. There is a good amount of graphical description of what and how to itch and where. Fun! fun! freaking fun! (woo woo woo woo!). There is that addictive tune that will make a lot of people twist and turn on the dance-floor. DJ’s shall have an easy crack at this song. 2 thumbs up!

Babaji ki booty – We talk about Goa, party and no mention of ‘jadi booty’? Not possible! A slow reggae like treatment and an overdose of shaitaani lyrics make this song what it is. Bakar filled joyride! Quite easy to imagine the way the song is filmed thanks to ample *cough* and dialoguebaazi in the song. Special word of appreciation for Anand tiwari and his ‘discourse’ towards the end. Pass the joint and let this play! Listen to the pronunciation of ‘है’ by Anand tiwari to know how jagrata singer-sque he is :). Superbly done!

Khushamdeed – A soothing guitar riff starts the song and you know this isn’t going to be a party song. A song that is paced rather fast but isn’t quick when it comes to rendition by the singer. Shreya ghosal does full justice to the excellent tune. A special thing to note in songs that are penned around a word (example – saiyyara, mashallah and what not in the recent times!), this song doesn’t over-stretch the usage of the word in the song and that’s such a relief! A lesson for others to learn. The song is thankfully not tailor made for shreya (that has been the case most often), it is a different style of singing to which shreya ghosal has adapted and adapted well. Excellent lyrics as well!

I keel dead peeepal – A fun mix of dialogues (with an acquired accent wala Saif ali khan and the rest of the cast) with some dubstep! The best part? Yes, the way it ends!

Have always believed that a soundtrack that adds positively to the film is better than a soundtrack that is good ‘stand alone’ with not much role to play in complementing the overall feel of the film. Additionally, none of the songs are excessively long and that’s just superb!

Sachin-Jigar have presented an album that stays very close to the film’s premise and gives us a good peek of the fun it would be (hopefully!) on screen. With this album, I am happy to confess that I am looking forward for the duos next work!

The craziest album of the year so far, has arrived!

My pick – entire album. Entirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre. Album.

Babaji, I love you.

Full credit list (Confirmed by the composers)

1. Slowley Slowley
Jigar Saraiya and Talia .
Lyrics : Priya Panchal .

2. Khoon choos le
Arjun Kanungo , Suraj Jagan and Priya Panchal .
Lyrics : Amitabh Bhattacharya, Sachin-Jigar

3. Babaji ki booty
Anand , Kunal , Sachin , Jigar , Raj , Dk and Bornalee Deuri .
Lyrics : Amitabh Bhattacharya .

4. Khushamdeed
Shreya Goshal .
Lyrics : Priya Panchal

All Songs composed and arranged by Sachin-Jigar
Additional programming by Hyacinth D’souza and Abhijeet Nalani .
Backing voices : Priya Panchal , Megha , Neuman Pinto , Francois Castellino , Divya Kumar , Sachin and Jigar .
Guitars : Krishna Pradhan , Randolph Correa , Kalyan Baruah
Ukele and Backpacker : Sanjoy Das (Bapi)
Clarinet , Oboe and Eng. Horn : Michael Schandler .
Vibraphone : Sukesh Gupta .
All Songs mixed and mastered @ Future sound of Bombay by Eric Pillai

Go Goa Gone – Tracklist (unofficial)

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I know this isn’t a professional blog. Actually it’s not even a blog. I don’t even have my domain name, plus my twitter handle doesn’t have ‘music’ or ‘centimeter’ in it! So this tracklist is not confirmed at all and I accept no liability whatsoever on it’s correctness. Please consult the actual ‘blogs’ for the tracklist, client list, song list and all kind of ‘lists’.

Here is what the tracklist of Go Goa Gone looks like, almost (I think!)

1. Slowley slowley
2. Khoon choos ley
3. Babaji ki booty
4. Khushamdeed

Ok, bye!

Oh wait! Some people had the audacity to hint I am getting paid by Saif ali khan! To them here is the answer – You couldn’t be more wrrrrrrr rrrrrr rrrrrr rrrrrrrrong!

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