CokeStudio10 – Episode 3

You can read my thoughts on Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here. Lal Meri pat - Gulzar sahab says 'whenever Abida Parveen sings and calls out to the lord, the lord must think - yes this is a voice filled with devotion'. Similarly, I feel that whenever lord reads or thinks it must happen in Arieb Azhar's … Continue reading CokeStudio10 – Episode 3


THE Coke Studio Season 5, Episode 2

Afer a superb Episode 1 it was obvious for us to wait for the episode 2 and it's out now! Lets see the contents of this melody goodybag! Ishq aap bhe awalla - Chakwal Group & Meesha shafi - Yes, Meesha shafi is back but this time it's not just about her, its about the mind … Continue reading THE Coke Studio Season 5, Episode 2