Karwaan Music review

You can listen to the music review of this wonderful album here    https://soundcloud.com/almostareview/bbc-music-review-karwaan-20-07-2018


Sultan – Music review (Text + Audio link)

Music in a Salman Khan film is always a delicate affair. The composer(s) job is to give a good thump, but not excessive rhythm because then bhai would have to dance and that is not his strongest point. While doing this, the composer should also give ‘full on’ emotion to the album. Let’s see if … Continue reading Sultan – Music review (Text + Audio link)

Bollywood Diaries – A super album that went unnoticed

This review first appeared here http://indiaindependentfilms.com/music-album-review-bollywood-diaries/ A wannabe wise ‘trade’ guy told me recently – if there are no stars, the O.S.T. is doomed because who gives a damn about music? (What has music got to do with an O.S.T., after all)? Turns out he was right. I say this because when I came across … Continue reading Bollywood Diaries – A super album that went unnoticed