Music review – Dil Dhadakne do

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A soundtrack which will depend on ‘Great locales’, ‘exotic settings’ and ‘tourist attractions’ to get wah wah from the crowd. On standalone basis, it is a disappointing joke of an effort from S.E.L. who sound exactly how they have been sounding since quite a while with rare exceptions like D-Day, Bhaag Milkha and few more.

Complete review here – http://wsodprogrf.bbc.co.uk/hindi/dps/2015/05/bbc_musicreview_dildhadaknedo_150529_dildhadaknedo_music_ip_au_bb.mp3

Feel free to tell me my review is KRK-ish 🙂

Music of Ankhon Dekhi

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Ankhon Dekhi
Lyrics – Varun Grover
Music – Sagar Desai
Times Music
INR 72, iTunes

The album starts with aaj laagi laagi nai dhoop and the song arrests you thanks to the beautiful Sarangi. Kailash kher can sing songs like this one even when he is fast asleep and dreaming french dreams, so that is nothing new that he effortlessly cruises through this song as well. The song has a hummable feel to it.  Next up is Aayi bahar and again what strikes in this peppy song is the brilliant use of khartaals in the beginning and the superlative Sarangi in this song that has a nomadic feel to it. Kailash kher lends his voice to this song and sings it well. My second pick of the album Kaise sukh soyein is composed with so much love that it shows.  Sung superbly by Ronkini Gupta, this one is or keeps! Yaad saari features Kailash kher (again!) along with some good backup vocals. The atmosphere is insightful and even though the song fades out way too soon, the catch is in the lyrics….yaad meri galtiyon si khaley re khaley…Very nice! Hakka bakka has a brass band start and it adds to the comical treatment throughout. It’s good to hear Shaan after long especially when he goes off-key in between (intentionally). You won’t hear this song in discos but be rest assured, it will add to the pace and feel of the film. Mansheel Gujral sings Dheeme re which is best song from the album. Heart breaking lyrics treated to some exquisite music arrangement. I found the feel of babul morai in the lyrics but that could be just me. Find it yourself.

With projects like Ankhon dekhi, you can be rest assured that the music of the film adds to the storyline and takes it further (in most cases) rather than presenting audience an ‘item’ to ogle and forget later. Sagar desai has presented a decent album to us that is hummable and won’t jar the pace of the film.

I have few issues with the album

1. Kailash kher, SO much of Kailash kher makes the album very ‘Saiyyan-Allah ke bande’ predicatable

2. Why no song by Namit das? Mr. Kapoor reply! 🙂

My picks – Dheeme re, kaise sukh hoyein and aaj laagi laagi nai dhoop

Ankhon dekhi

Ghanchakkar – Music review


Staying close to the premise of the film is not something most music composers know in our lovely industry. Recently though, Music albums of Go Goa Gone and few others have successfully wrapped themselves around the feel of the film and boy were they good!

Amit Trivedi’s latest offering – Ghanchakkar joins the league of such wonderful attempts and how!

1. Ghanchakkar babu – Sax, percussions, brass bands and a superb army of female backup singers accompany Amit trivedi who rocks, hip hops and basically makes a superb song that briefly appears to be on ‘motorwada’ template but the words penned here take the song miles ahead of any fun song we have heard this year so far. Amitabh bhattacharya is clearly enjoying his work and HOW! The double track sound in the second part of both the antraas is just an excellent touch by Trivedi! I don’t think I will get over this song for a long time to come.

There is a remix of this song as well but it didn’t do anything except sound very ‘remixy’ 🙂

2. Allah meherbaan – A techno qawwali that stays far from any ‘filmi qawwali’ template except the usage of Bulbul tarang (and a sabri-sque ‘Allah’ from Amit Trivedi). Divya Kumar appears very comfortable and the beats in the song will actually send out confusing signals to those who like to view things in a set template. Experimentation that doesn’t go out of sync. Not the strongest song of the album, yet immensely enjoyable.

3. Lazy Lad – The brilliant Richa Sharma gets into the skin of the song right from the word ‘Aaain’ err! I mean right from the word ‘Go!’. A superb percussion arrangement and a brief use of bagpipes with a lot of whistles constantly, the song has fun written all over it. Richa sharma is capable of a lot of good things and emoting the way she does here is just one of it. I hope she is flooded with songs. Excellent song this! A special word for Amitabh bhattacharya for painting a lazy bum (who is always complaining!) like it has never been done in hindi films, ever!

4.Jholu ram – Brass bands o how lovely you are! Here, they are used in the naughtiest manner possible. Altaf raja returns with a very good song that paints a vivid picture of someone who is Mr. Fixit! (Oh IPL Joke!), for everything in a not necessarily legal manner! The wordplay is topclass! One might feel that Altaf Raja is not exploited well and fully here. Brass bands on the other hand are used wooofer phaad ke!

An album that gives out the feel of the film to which it belongs and NOT the feel of the ‘composer’ who has composed it…Amit Trivedi, thy name is adaptation!

5 thumbs up!

Buy it from flipkart and later on iTunes

Jab tak hai Jaan – Music review..Almost


The way ‘Saans’ starts, one does feel the sound of A.R. Rahman trying to hit you. Shreya Ghosal comes up with an echo (and a lot of ‘dhafli’ in the background and some unnecessary violins that more or less go on and on). Mohit Chauhan has probably done a doctorate in such slow mood songs and remains flat and predictable. (Couldn’t help but feel the point where Mohit chauhan makes an entry in the song sounds terribly same like the line ‘Do pal ruka’ from Veer zara). Both the singers take turns to go out of tune (mostly in the all the ‘antraas’). The unbearable shrill alaap of Shreya Ghosal isn’t good enough to keep you in the song. There are bagpipers playing too..Yes, Someone mentioned A.R. Rahman has done music for this film. Very ‘Subhash ghai’ sort of song. Uselessly grand (as far as music album is concerned) and falls flat.

Ishq Shava – Guitars. Peppy start with a very thorough Raghav and the usually brilliant Shilpa Rao behind the microphone. The unnecessary ‘Say what’, ‘Yeah’ and ‘hey’ do their bit to spoil this song. ‘Paani pe chal ke dekho zara, badalon mein zameen nahi hoti….’Yes this sounds like it has been penned by Gulzar sahab. Foot tapping song. Will this go on to my playlist? No.

Heer Harshdeep kaur puts so much soul into this! The excellent use of ‘Mirza’ has Gulzar sahab written all over it. The soul piercing violins are very A.R. Rahman. Yes, this is more like it. There is an element of ‘Yash chopra presents’ finality and drama in the music arrangement. Not complaining at all. The song just fades towards the end and will invariably have you reaching for the repeat button. Goosebumps stuff even if you don’t understand punjabi. The faint electric flute, the pace of the song, the feel, the atmosphere, easily my pick of the album.

Jiya re – The start, although no way related to ‘ni main samajh gayi’ did remind me of it. First hearing made it sound like – chaiyya re but it is ‘Jiya re’. References to loving herself and a general happy feel is what characterises the song. Sung very well and you will feel the singer Neeti mohan has put in a lot of effort. Probably an intro song (with a lot of english vinglish phrases in the background), the song lacks continuity in my view. It’s tiring to listen to this song in it’s entirety.

Jab tak hai jaanJaved ali, Sitar and some violin in good measure start this song. Probably the loudest arrangement of all songs. The moment we try to settle with the pace of the song the ‘sajid wajid like’ break disrupts the pace of the song. Very filmy song. Shakthisree Gopalan makes a splashing entry (but pauses the pace of the song only to pick it up again). Would love to hear more from her because the voice is just beautiful. The typical song that you can imagine has a lot of ‘Hero turning and heroine turning…and heroine turning again and hero turning again….and the hair flying all around’. Whether we like it or not, this song (looks like) will pick when the film hits the theatres. Did I like it? Shamelessly, Yes!

Saans (Reprise) – Oh yes…a ‘reprise’ (generally referred to as ‘Part 2’ in previous films of Yash chopra). Shreya ghosal. Sounding very much like ‘do pal ruka’ song again like from Veer zara, the song ends. (Music by Yash chopra or the stock of old madan mohan tunes?).

Ishq danceInstrumental (of course!) – Completely undecided on this piece. Doesn’t sound like the typical ‘ARR’ instrumental track. In between an all male chorus of ‘hey hey hey hey’ is disturbing but the bass it is accompanied with is very theatrical. bass doesn’t dip for a moment from here and is joined by a brass band like sound towards the end. Not catchy but this shall remain in my playlist for a while.

The PoemShahrukh khan, if only you were given better words to recite! Pedestrian poetry accompanied with excellent music arrangement has done it for the track! The filmy (of course it’s a film soundtrack, I know) end of this track is what ARR can do to you. Hear the music and tell me if you don’t get goosebumps?

Challa – Sounding more like the work of Rabbi shergill than ARR. The song has grown from the time it was launched. ‘The voice doesn’t suit SRK’ is probably a lame argument against the song so I won’t go there. The choir like chorus mixed smartly does speak of ARR a bit though. The song is again in punjabi so the uptake of the same might not be instant, but as the case with ‘90s A.R. Rahman’ remains, this song will grow.

Not an entirely impressive album by Gulzar sahab/ARR/YRF standards, the album falls in the ‘listen and buy only if you want to’ category. Probably Gulzar sahab and ARR stuck to the ‘instructions’ by YRF. If this is the last film of Yash Chopra as a director and if You know Yash Chopra well, trust me he will have you crying buckets thanks to ‘Heer’, the song, and for old times (and some classics that he has given us) sake, I hope he succeeds in doing that.

Pick of the album – Heer, Challa, recital by SRK and Ishq dance.

Rating – 3 on 5

Music of Kshay

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Music of Kshay

If you still haven’t heard about Kshay read this post (with preview track links)

I still haven’t seen the film and haven’t read the posts that I have linked above. Therefore what I write here is just the first impression of the sound of the film that left an impact on the mind after hearing the CD. The track names are mentioned in bold.

The thing about the first track (titled – At the first sight)  that will arrest you is the use of bass and violins. The composer doesn’t try to sound ‘grand’ at all. The mood and the feel is very ‘come lets see what is happening’ rather than ‘Let me SHOW what’s happening’!

Slow strings introduce us to the next track Home. The mood is slow and the keyboard in the background gently climbs up your senses and sucks you into the mood the album, (and we are just on the second track!) The next track Chhaya starts in somewhat similar mood where Home left, but quickly the music is spread out and a peak is hit with heavy bass arrangement. I would have loved to hear more of this track. Injia is the next track that leavess a lot of space for thoughts. Sounds weird I know but the arrangement is so silent and ‘water drop’ like that you will probably drift into your thoughts. An almost silent track. A seed, a tree, A lotus starts with the customary violin and then uses other sounds with a reflective bass arrangement off and on. When the ‘Santoor like’ sound leads you to the end of the track the stillness lingers on in the mind. The stillness however takes a backseat and a lot of flowing strings take you everywhere in the track, aplty titled everywhere. The ‘Azaan’  lifts the track and how! If there was any 2 minute track that left a mark, it is THIS!. Excellent! A playful start followed by equally set of violins is what constructs and deconstructs a beautiful (and light!) track titled construction deconstruction. If you are one for slow dance, this one would make you raise your hands and swivel

She wakes has a typical morning feel with gentle music arrangement throughout, She sleeps is a track that might trick you into believing that the music would be like a  lullaby. A hint of conflict, smartly conveyed a quick violin interlude changes the mood of the track. Smart! Very smart! She dreams is another track that plays on the senses because the violins single handedly manage to create many layers of thoughts and then it all fades away.

Circles start with a faint background music that resembles the sound of a moving locomotive engine. This is constant throughout the track. Bass guitar and violin create an eerie feeling and the track ends. She infects the longest track of the album (5:27 minutes). A lot of keyboard is used to good effect.There are good number of pauses in the track. My favorite part starts towards the end (around 4:35 mins onwards) the track picks up and then resigns. The last track 5483 is in sync with the reflective and thoughtful mood of the album. Excellent use of bass marks this track.

For those of us who have seen this film, this interepretation of the music of the film might not be correct but if you haven’t seen it, you will love the music CD of this. The music CD is made available to us by bajaao.com and you can buy the film from flipkart as well.

The music is composed by Karan Gour (who is the director of the film as well) an Siddharth Bhatia. The beauty of the album is that do what it may for the film, it makes up for an excellent ‘stand alone’ album as well. It’s one of the characters of the film that is sure to lead you to the film on repeated listening.

An O.S.T. worth being in your collection, by all means.


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