Heard of Jagjit Singh? Ghazal 10

I guess it was from the album┬ámilestone, and in true fashion of my ignorance, I was stuck on some other ghazal of this album for a very long time. Then, I discovered this one..Written by Qateel Shifai, the ghazal has a time stamp of late 1980s, with instrumentation on the milder side. A saxophone in … Continue reading Heard of Jagjit Singh? Ghazal 10

GhazalJeet Singh

I guess I was in Class 8. It was the month of may and we were attending a marriage in Hardoi (a small town near Lucknow, my hometown). It was long back. It was 1993.As one would associate with small towns, the evening was dark evening because there was no electricity and to add to … Continue reading GhazalJeet Singh