Raabta – Music review

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A music album that reminds you of an air brushed picture where the excessive decoration tries unsuccessfully to offset lack of substance.

You can listen to my review here http://www.bbc.co.uk/hindi/media-40137154

Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya – Music review

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You can listen to my music review of Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya here – http://www.bbc.com/hindi/entertainment-39156009

Energetic, missing the mark often but with two solid filmi songs which are original, thankfully.

You can listen to the full album and find all artist credits here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTRsPv3r5b0


Music review – Ki & Ka

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You can listen to the music review here – bit.ly/bbckika (B.B.C. Website)

This review appeared here first on Quint

Music: Meet Bros, Mithoon and Illaiyaraaja, 

Lyrics: Kumaar, Sayeed Quadri, Amitabh Bhattacharya

High heels – Meet Bros, Jaz Dhami, Aditi Singh – Agreed that the song is buried in the dance template of the only language that is allowed to have a dance number to its credit in most hindi films of today, still this song won’t do a bad job of giving adequate thump to your playlist. The star of the song is Yo Yo Honey Singh. Just kidding! The song is good in spite of Yo Yo Honey Singh and not because of him. Jaz Dhami and Aditi have emoted brilliantly, add to that an addictive hook and you have a winner!

Ji Huzoori – is an interesting song with a tonal structure that is part 1990’s Rahman and part contemporary Mithoon. Sung by Deepali and Mithoon himself, the song maintains a calm character throughout, with solid lyrics. Extra points for the kind of background vocals, which is a smart touch by Mithoon.

Most wanted Munda – What happens when Meet brothers play with Garageband to create loops, and then as a favour include some words so that the track isn’t confused for an ‘instrumental’ one? You get Most Wanted Munda. Earl Edgar sounds good though. The song doesn’t have a single quirk that you haven’t heard before, and that is why it tires you out. There is another version of this song which is called Kabir Most Wanted Munda – this one gets , Palak Muchhal’s singing and Arjun Kapoor’s rap (which isn’t bad) but overall these two attempts qualify for ‘Have heard, next song please’ in any playlist. A song which would need visual support to reach your lips and may be on your playlist for just a week.

Foolishq – After the laughable attempt in Shamitabh, Illaiyaraaja gets a grand total of one song titled Foolishq, which is sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Armaan Malik. The song belongs to Shreya because she emotes rather well in comparison to a near robotic Malik. The lyrics of this song are below average (Foolishq ka hai zamana, apparently) and the repetitive ‘Foolishq’ (which is an unenthusiastic attempt at sounding catchy to a wannabe crowd) irritates and is probably the reason why this one won’t make it to your ‘favourites’ playlist. Times have changed and repetitive phrases without solid lyrical support don’t get on top of music charts (remember Piddly?). Perhaps the composer here didn’t get the memo, because the pigeon who was to deliver it, is busy checking email on his handheld.

Pump it (The workout song) – Decorated rather well with good thump, average lyrics and promising vocals of Yash Narvekar, Pump It (The Workout Song) doesn’t try too hard to be anything more than a workout song. The energy of the song is infectious, but that’s just about it.

With the premise of the film being so interesting and new, we would have certainly liked some more effort to be put into its music. Overall, Ki & Ka is an average music album and that is not saying much, because the overall music scene in Hindi films off late, can at best be described as Boo & Bah!

Music review – Kapoor & Sons (Estd. 1921)

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The review first appeared in text here – http://www.thequint.com/entertainment/2016/03/09/kapoor-and-sons-music-review-badshah-alia-bhatt-fawad-khan-sidharth-kapoor

You can listen to my review on B.B.C. here


Music – Amaal Mallik, Badshah, Arko Pravo Mukherjee and Tanishk Bagchi.

Lyrics  – Badshah, Kumaar, Manoj Muntashir, Dr. Devendra Kafir and Abhiruchi Chand

In a song that would lead a lot of ‘Posh’ people to believe ‘OMG whatay crazy thing we did by calling beautiful as beautiphul’, Kar gayee chul is your typical party song with laughable lyrics (Ladki nahi hai tu hai garam maamla…haha really?) but extremely addictive hook thanks to superb brass use. Although the song is credited to Badshah, Amaal Mallik, Fazilpuria, Sukriti Kakar & Neha Kakkar, the female voice that comes in the second part of the song will remind you of what you would hear when you torment a voice by putting it into complex voice correction and mixing program and then process it endlessly.Clearly, the makers weren’t interested in what they could have achieved with a nice hook.

So we have the hottest Pakistani actor in our film as one of the leads, why not look to get inspired (wink wink) from pakistan in more ways than one. Enter Bolna. In a song that is confused between becoming a ‘Main tainu samjhawan part 2’ and ‘laiyya laiyya’, we get a typical ‘Oh man..so much feels, very many reals’ love song. Arijit has a lot of ‘Arijit-ness’ on display because the tune doesn’t give him much to play with but Asees Kaur is good and sounds promising.

A song that has a serious ‘Sooraj dooba hai’ hangover, we get some interesting lyrics to smile to in ‘Buddhu sa mann hai’. Amaal and Armaan clearly had a good time making the song and that is evident in the sound of the song, although if you hear it closely the beat progression is totally reminiscent of the title song of ‘kk main aur ekk tu’. Ah! the lure of playing safe!

Sung by Arko, Saathi rey is an Ankit tewari song sans ankit tewari. The tune has the same sadness and the singing is ‘Half wannabe Ankit tewari and half Arijit singh’. The lyrics of the song though not stupendous surely deserved a much better and less tiring composition. A forgetful attempt at best.

What do you do when the maker tells you to compose a song within an hour and the brief goes – “It has to be a dance song and you have now 58 mins to complete the song”? You make a song that is literally called ‘Let’s nacho’. It is tough to choose who is bearable of the two. I guess Benny would be our choice because Badshaah is busy ‘attituding’ with lyrics so ordinary, they make passenger announcements sound like a work of Ghalib. Probably the closest synonym of #KuchBhi song this year. So far.

With so much star power and a solid studio backing, it breaks my heart to hear such bad compositions because music gives away the mindset of the makers ‘Let us never bloody experiment and keep the sound familiar’. Listeners deserve much better, (Since forever)

1.5 quints

Aatma – Music review


Aatma, written and directed by Suparn Verma is slated to hit the theaters on 22 March 2013. Suparn gave a first hand preview of all the tracks and here is what I thought of it.

LullabySangeet haldipur gets behind the microphone for this one to give us one of the best twisted lullaby in the recent times. Such a clean voice, just the apt music setting, the track leaves you wanting for more. Shades of the Beethoven’s Für Elise and a whole lot of numbness. Special mention of Kumaar, the lyricist. Sapne kitney rengey palkon pe kahin, aahat aati hai neendein aati hee nahi! Kudos!

Ji ley zyaada by Nikhil paul george has a peppy start and pretty much remains the same throughout. Clearly enjoying himself, Nikhil does full justice to the song that speaks on living the life, fully. Light and easy on the ears, the song is sure to grow when the film releases.

Ji ley zyaada (girl power mix) sung by Anusha Mani Shefali Alvares & Apeksha Dandekar sounds just like a pop song with 3 girls on and about life and fun! Decent backup vocals and peppy treatment like the male version is done nicely. It would have been so easy for the girls to Overdose on ‘OH YEA….yea yea’ and all those wannabe words to make it sound ‘hip’ but they stay away from it and thank God for that! Nicely done!

Aatma (Rock version) – starts with a fully ‘rock’ equipped setting and Suraj Jagan, without any histrionics keeps the song to the audible levels.The unsettling pace of violins along with electric guitars in between roughs you up very smartly. Horror film soundtrack indeed! Never shrill or loud, the song is structured excellently by the composers.

Lullaby (Jazz)Anahita Irani grabs the microphone for this less than 3 minute version of the lullaby and croons it well. Peppered by excellent saxophone, the song is ‘instrument light’ and will grow. There is a shiver in Anahita’s voice that is just too good to miss!.

Aatma (Instrumental) – The whistle, gentle twinkles and eerie and melancholic violin, the track tune is similar to the excellent lullaby that the film has. A satisfying track that exponentially portrays the tone of the film. In between the track, the violins just sink and take a detour from the tune…that’s a superb touch by Sangeet-Siddharth. Just the right atmosphere. Just the right amount of haunting whistle.

2 Thumbs up!

When it comes to O.S.T., I would prefer an album that compliments the feel of the film rather than being a stand alone album that is disconnected with the film on most counts. With Aatma, the composers, Sangeet and Siddharth haldipur have hit all the right notes in complementing the overall feel of the film. There are no ‘MANDATORY’ songs in the film and that’s such a relief!

An excellent album, worth a listen and more!!

You can follow Suparn on twitter for more updates on the film.

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