Cabaret + Housefull 3 – Music reviews

Tiring, that is what these film music albums are at best. At one hand we have Cabaret that has one good good song and is accused of murdering some really nice classics along the way. My review here On the other hand we have Housefull 3, the lesser said the better. My review here … Continue reading Cabaret + Housefull 3 – Music reviews

Kailash kher – Ishq Anokha review

This review appeared first here - You can listen to my music review on B.B.C. here - Ishq Anokha The ‘title’ song is generally something that sets up the tempo for the entire album (and most likely the one that gets the first ‘video’). On the freshness count, the song is not exactly something … Continue reading Kailash kher – Ishq Anokha review

Aaj Piya Ghar aavengey – Kailash kher

A song originally featured in one of Kailash Kher's album came back haunting thanks to Coke studio at MTV. Pasting the youtube  video link. If the song's introduction didn't let it out that Kailash kher wrote this at the time his father left this world, we could never have guessed the depth of this song.. … Continue reading Aaj Piya Ghar aavengey – Kailash kher