CokeStudio PAKISTAN – Explorer Ahoy!

If you are among those 4 people who follow this blog, then you must already know what I feel about Cokestudio Pakistan. It is time for season 11 but before that the new producers (Ever so wonderful  Ali Hamza and the man I would put all my money on - Zohaib Kazi) have done something … Continue reading CokeStudio PAKISTAN – Explorer Ahoy!


CokeStudio10 Episode 2

You can read my thoughts on Episode 1 here Tinak Dhin - by Ali Hamza, Ali Sethi & Waqar Ehsin start things off with such a promise that you feel the studio will come down on its knees and then try to do floor snake dance but call it confused composition or the unnecessary addition of Waqar, the song … Continue reading CokeStudio10 Episode 2