‘New’ year?

Grew up with you, sir. Be it the wait for a new album to be released Be it 'begging' for the poster of 'face to face' from the cassette shop (shiv electronics, bhootnath Lucknow). Be it your first ever concert I attended in Lucknow Be it the first ever album I got 'dubbed' (In Search) … Continue reading ‘New’ year?


Rockstar – Music review

This post first appeared here - http://bit.ly/moifightclub In the times of ‘gone with the click’ I cannot remember the last time when the curiosity of a music score being released was even half as it was for the soundtrack of ‘Rockstar’. Guilt is my witness as I shamelessly searched all the ‘shady’ sites to catch hold … Continue reading Rockstar – Music review

GhazalJeet singh – Live in Bombay 16 September 2011

Yet another concert ticket! So we went to listen to Jagjit Singh (I went to be awestruck because he is GOD). Anyway, here is a ghazal by ghazal update of the evening. The signature 'alaaps' before all the ghazals were present so I will spare the reader those details. 1. The concert was kick started … Continue reading GhazalJeet singh – Live in Bombay 16 September 2011

Happy birthday Gulzar Sahab

koi dil ke paas hota hai, koi jaan nisar hota hai, lekin maalik to sirf ek hee hai, jiska naam #Gulzar Hota hai. Happy birthday sir. Kalam se Qalaam nahin, zindagi ki boondein nikalti hain, #Gulzar sahab kaash hum kagaz ka tukda hotey...#HappyBDay #Gulzar sahab Wo chehrey pe ainak, wo baaton ki baithak, wo urdu ki baarish wo shabdon … Continue reading Happy birthday Gulzar Sahab


While the world media (especially the sadistic lobby) is busy writing about how SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR (Name in CAPS - ALWAYS) hasn't scored a 100 in Lord's yet, hand on heart, I don't think it matters. SACHIN has achieved more than what some cricket teams of 11 would never be able to. Cleanly. Took this pledge … Continue reading #SachinisGod