Heard of Jagjit Singh? Ghazal 9

Apart from the fact that the tune of this lovely ghazal sounds eerily similar to¬†hum to yun apni zindagi se miley, this lovely little gem from¬†Sudarshan faakir urges us all to stop and think. We all have so many new age pains, that we don't stop and think about pain and sufferring of others. What … Continue reading Heard of Jagjit Singh? Ghazal 9


Mirza Ghalib

What can one 'blog' about Mirza? Absolutely Nothing. Just wanted to register it here, that I thank God for his kindness that I was born in an era (with hearing, seeing and understanding faculties), when I was able to come across Ghalib sahab's work. How can I not mention Maalik (Gulzar) who made it possible … Continue reading Mirza Ghalib