Te3n Music review

After Jugni, Clinton gets another album as a solo composer and the songs are penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya. Let’s find out if the music is as thrilling as the premise of the film. Haq Hai Haq Hai by Clinton Cerejo is a call to never give up on what is yours, even if the universe … Continue reading Te3n Music review


Childhood habits

I let my teeth chatter musically whenever I hum a song. Whoever I like, I cannot share them with anyone.  Ok I can share them with others but it takes a lot of self convincing I cannot see Amitabh Bachchan die in any film. There is a rather embarassing story pertaining to my childhood about … Continue reading Childhood habits

Piddly – Whaaaa? daaa?? faaaaaa?

Yes, this is the kind of post that I would never do because it is not cool to give out 'first reaction' Anyway, this is about shamitabh. This is about a song that has ilayaraja at the helm and words are penned by Swanand kirkire. When I write 'piddly' from my keyboard, it auto-corrects the same … Continue reading Piddly – Whaaaa? daaa?? faaaaaa?

Kahaani – Music review

There was a time when I used to feel Vishal Shekhar (hereafter referred at times as VS) are the hope for hindi film music. Then so many similar soundtracks happened and it all faded away. I was (Still am) vocal of their 'same sound'. The soundtrack of 'Kahaani' gives me a gentle punch by showcasing … Continue reading Kahaani – Music review

AgneePath – Music review

Yes, it's here. The much awaited (Ok not much awaited album but what the heck!). Let's hear it all out shall we? 1. Chikni Chameli - A rehash of a popular Marathi Song. Yep no points for guessing it because the beginning is pleasantly very very 'Marathi'. Never been a fan of such songs but … Continue reading AgneePath – Music review