CokeStudio10 – Episode 01

So the 10th season has started, You can read some posts on older seasons by clicking the numbers below, didn't want to put all of them here though. Seasons - 5, 6, 6 (part 2), 7, 8, 9 Allah hu akbar - Shuja Haider has not only composed this brilliantly structured composition but has penned … Continue reading CokeStudio10 – Episode 01

Merry Christmas

The credit for this discovery goes to the one and only @cilemaSnob (twitter id) Tell me, how do these lyrics look like? ------------------------------------------ I'm going home after track, I go over the hills. The windows falls, snow falls, they will be Christmas. Sorrows, troubles, worries, I left the city. I hear people at midnight to … Continue reading Merry Christmas