CokeStudio Season 12, Episode 4, Produced by Rohail Hyatt

Previous episode scribbles here - 1, 2, 3. Dhola - Sahir ali bagna + Aima Baig kickstart this and Bagga literally kickstarts it. There are few songs which could get an honour of being called an audio meme, this one and especially Bagga in this, would steal those honours forever. He is perennially high-pitched and to the point of … Continue reading CokeStudio Season 12, Episode 4, Produced by Rohail Hyatt

CokeStudio11 Episode 8

Previous episodes from CokeStudio11 reviews here - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Wah Jo Kalaam - Penned by Asrar and along with him, Shamu Bai and Vishnu played a riot of colors and beauty in what is one of the best songs in all of 11 years of the studio in Pakistan. I have always had a … Continue reading CokeStudio11 Episode 8

CokeStudio11 Episode 1

You can read my thoughts on CokeStudio Explorer 2018 here As has been a welcome tradition since season 8, the season 11 season opener and artist introduction was also done by a song and this was something that has affected almost everyone who has explored poetry and who understands Urdu. Hum Dekhenge was premiered about a month … Continue reading CokeStudio11 Episode 1

2017 – Songs we discovered + Dinchak Playslist

This post appeared here first - These aren’t songs/albums which were necessarily released this year. These are songs/albums which I came across in 2017. There is no order, there is no ranking. I Just keep begging and turning to people I barely know to suggest me a song, even if it’s in a trailer or a song featured … Continue reading 2017 – Songs we discovered + Dinchak Playslist

CokeStudio 10 – About to begin

and the featured artists line up is online! check it here ---> I hope the cynic in me is wrong. There has been too much 'buzz' even before the teaser is out and when that happens it normally means the show would be self absorbed and self indulgent. I hope I am wrong. Cannot. Wait. … Continue reading CokeStudio 10 – About to begin