Cokestudio11 Episode 6

You can read previous episode reviews by clicking the episode numbers here - 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Illallah starts with a an alaap so good, I went back to it several times. The calm start makes us buy into the song and how about those lovely set of vocalists? Easily one of the … Continue reading Cokestudio11 Episode 6

CokeStudio11 Episode 2

Review Cokestudio Explorer here and Episode 1 here Runaway - starts with Gul Mohammad (on Sarangi and NOT israj) and in a contrasting touch, Krewella steal the pace from a near paused mood to a breezy pop like song that is immensely enjoyable. What I felt was a bit too early in the song is when Riaz Qadri and … Continue reading CokeStudio11 Episode 2

Thoughts of Episode 4 & 5 – CokeStudio Pakistan Season 6

Episode 4 Aamay Bhashaili Rey – Alamgir sahab started this in what is called Dhaka bangla, I am told. A heart breaking and tear inducing request made to the ‘majhi’. Alamgir sahab isn’t new to singing so it was hardly a surprise to see him taking this traditional composition and hugging it out melodiously. Fariha … Continue reading Thoughts of Episode 4 & 5 – CokeStudio Pakistan Season 6