CokeStudio Season 7 roundup

This post first appeared in The Asian age sometime in December 2014. I couldn't find it anywhere so publishing it on my blog because some kind souls asked me about my thoughts on this season off late. CokeStudio Pakistan doesn't get the credit it deserves for throwing open a lot of subcontinent’s sound for experimentation … Continue reading CokeStudio Season 7 roundup

CokeStudio Pakistan, Season 7, Episode 2

With the first episode hitting the right note for about 50% and horribly distracting screen heroics, we move to the episode 2 of the Season 7. With exciting artist line up, this one promised a lot in advance itself! Washmallay - A traditional Baloch song that witnessed the reunion of the old gang of 'Komal … Continue reading CokeStudio Pakistan, Season 7, Episode 2

Daanay peh daana – Coke Studio – translation

Source - many but chiefly - - Thank you guys A song which has literally held my senses in it's captivity. Hear it if you haven't. The translation is as under... ji ba tara live long! ae khatti khaba?i baawa kana bashmabo hey! Khatti and Khabri, my sons, wake up! saaf de ?ik tissune … Continue reading Daanay peh daana – Coke Studio – translation