Who me?

A non-binary femme in a gender neutral bathroom

Image courtesy – Vice

Sa Re Ga Ma’ Pa Dha Ni Sa. Sa. Ni Dha Pa Ma’ Ga Re Sa.

A servant to good music, gulzar and Jagjit singh.

Just my 2 pence on Music and life (quite difficult to dissociate one from the other). I am not present on any social media platform. My old twitter id @rohwit has been blocked by twitter and since I don’t have access to any old email account(s), I cannot reset it either. Don’t care about that anyway. Hamari koi shaakha nahi hai. Yes, I addressed myself as hum, Lucknow you see.

You can find some other stuff from me on this blog itself or on the links below. Some of these links might not work.

moifightclub, Outlook India, B.B.C. India and The Quint

Also, © for all B.B.C. recordings belongs to B.B.C. Hindi.

There are these soundcloud pages where I try to put up old review files since B.B.C. cannot keep their webpages forever. Check it out if you have nothing else to do. or not.


10 thoughts on “Who me?

    1. Done buddy…will do! By the way, I guess you are forgetting that you have set up this blog. Bhool gaye tum?

      How can i thank you for it? just how?

  1. Loved your blog. Quite unique from the ones I’ve visited so far but awesome. No wonder you’ve got a grand number of followers. All the very best. Cheers. 🙂
    P.S. Superb taste in music you’ve got.

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