That's me. When it comes to music. While I try very hard to nod along with the people who look down at film music (because it's so 'chalta hai' sorts), I do enjoy film music off and on. So when I saw everyone going overboard with this song, I told myself - 'Typical middle path … Continue reading Rigid


‘New’ year?

Grew up with you, sir. Be it the wait for a new album to be released Be it 'begging' for the poster of 'face to face' from the cassette shop (shiv electronics, bhootnath Lucknow). Be it your first ever concert I attended in Lucknow Be it the first ever album I got 'dubbed' (In Search) … Continue reading ‘New’ year?

Eddie Vedder & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan- The Long Road – lyrics

Yet another attempt to capture a good song....just can't get over it. And I wished for so long...cannot stay. All the precious moments...cannot stay. It's not like wings have fallen...cannot stay. But still something's missing...cannot say. Holding hands of daughters and sons, And their faiths are falling down. I have wished for so long... How … Continue reading Eddie Vedder & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan- The Long Road – lyrics

Happy birthday Gulzar Sahab

koi dil ke paas hota hai, koi jaan nisar hota hai, lekin maalik to sirf ek hee hai, jiska naam #Gulzar Hota hai. Happy birthday sir. Kalam se Qalaam nahin, zindagi ki boondein nikalti hain, #Gulzar sahab kaash hum kagaz ka tukda hotey...#HappyBDay #Gulzar sahab Wo chehrey pe ainak, wo baaton ki baithak, wo urdu ki baarish wo shabdon … Continue reading Happy birthday Gulzar Sahab