Brief life of insects – A documentary you must check out!

Review appeared first here - Tarun Bhartiya recently showcased his documentary Brief Life Of Insects at the Mumbai International Film Festival. The film has been produced by Meghalaya government’s Art & Culture Department. One look at this 22 minute journey through the lives of the community living in Umpohwin, (a Bhoi village on the … Continue reading Brief life of insects – A documentary you must check out!


Masaan – Music review

Finally! Music of Masaan is here. Listen to my music review of the same here You can see the lyrics here

Go Goa Gone – Tracklist (unofficial)

I know this isn't a professional blog. Actually it's not even a blog. I don't even have my domain name, plus my twitter handle doesn't have 'music' or 'centimeter' in it! So this tracklist is not confirmed at all and I accept no liability whatsoever on it's correctness. Please consult the actual 'blogs' for the … Continue reading Go Goa Gone – Tracklist (unofficial)

Music of Kshay

Music of Kshay If you still haven’t heard about Kshay read this post (with preview track links) I still haven’t seen the film and haven’t read the posts that I have linked above. Therefore what I write here is just the first impression of the sound of the film that left an impact on the … Continue reading Music of Kshay

Merry Christmas

The credit for this discovery goes to the one and only @cilemaSnob (twitter id) Tell me, how do these lyrics look like? ------------------------------------------ I'm going home after track, I go over the hills. The windows falls, snow falls, they will be Christmas. Sorrows, troubles, worries, I left the city. I hear people at midnight to … Continue reading Merry Christmas