Brief life of insects – A documentary you must check out!

Review appeared first here - Tarun Bhartiya recently showcased his documentary Brief Life Of Insects at the Mumbai International Film Festival. The film has been produced by Meghalaya government’s Art & Culture Department. One look at this 22 minute journey through the lives of the community living in Umpohwin, (a Bhoi village on the … Continue reading Brief life of insects – A documentary you must check out!

Childhood habits

I let my teeth chatter musically whenever I hum a song. Whoever I like, I cannot share them with anyone.  Ok I can share them with others but it takes a lot of self convincing I cannot see Amitabh Bachchan die in any film. There is a rather embarassing story pertaining to my childhood about … Continue reading Childhood habits

Go Goa Gone – Tracklist (unofficial)

I know this isn't a professional blog. Actually it's not even a blog. I don't even have my domain name, plus my twitter handle doesn't have 'music' or 'centimeter' in it! So this tracklist is not confirmed at all and I accept no liability whatsoever on it's correctness. Please consult the actual 'blogs' for the … Continue reading Go Goa Gone – Tracklist (unofficial)

Merry Christmas

The credit for this discovery goes to the one and only @cilemaSnob (twitter id) Tell me, how do these lyrics look like? ------------------------------------------ I'm going home after track, I go over the hills. The windows falls, snow falls, they will be Christmas. Sorrows, troubles, worries, I left the city. I hear people at midnight to … Continue reading Merry Christmas

A Chance to show you can create music!

The golden opportunity to be a part of a Hindi film album/soundtrack is here! Introducing the "Kaafiron Ki Namaaz Song Contest"! This specially designed contest gives you an opportunity to get your self-composed, original song featured on the Audio CD of a forthcoming independent Hindi film produced by Lorien Motion Pictures (titled, Kaafiron Ki Namaaz). … Continue reading A Chance to show you can create music!

Happy birthday Gurudutt ji

Today is the birth anniversary of the guy who was much ahead of his times...Just three pieces which put his real self in perspective and to some extent the way his life panned out professionally and personally. All these are from the film Pyaasa 1. Yes hanstey huye phool....Aptly puts the pain which Gurudutt experienced … Continue reading Happy birthday Gurudutt ji

Firaq – Movie review

Much has been said, shouted and yelled about the riots every where. Gujarat riots aren’t different. Although ‘Parzania’ did speak a lot about what happened in Gujarat, Firaaq is an attempt one feels like standing up and applauding. I have not revealed much in the review The story Set against a month after the Gujarat … Continue reading Firaq – Movie review

Khuda ke liye – Movie review

>Arguably one of the best themes one will see in today’s times. When so many countries are pounding at some helpless people tagging them as terrorists, KKL gives you a chilling revelation on how these helpless people tackle/succumb to the pressure. There are two lines which make up the story, both merging with the same theme … Continue reading Khuda ke liye – Movie review

Jaane tu Ya Jaane na – Movie review

Remember the days when life used to be good...friends were more important than cell phones, just a walk in the rain used to be much better than a drive!Well Jaane tu ya jane na takes us to those lovely days of friendship, togetherness and laughter! It is such a simple film that would make you really … Continue reading Jaane tu Ya Jaane na – Movie review

Kismet Konnection – Movie review

>Watching Kismet Konnection (KK from now on as writing the full name isn’t worth the effort!) after paying 200 bucks per ticket (excluding the 60 odd bucks for parking my car), forced me think how reckless I have become in spending my hard earned money! The Story: I remember people commenting on how stupid the … Continue reading Kismet Konnection – Movie review

Ghajini – meri girlfirend ko danda kyun maraa

Overworked to the core, you decide to watch a movie and get lucky to get special screening passes for Ghajini...and you think life is good! The story There has been so much talk about Ghajini that I don’t think its worthwhile to waste the reader’s time with the story but I would like to state … Continue reading Ghajini – meri girlfirend ko danda kyun maraa

luck by chance – movie review

Farhan Akhtar is a reason enough for me to watch a movie and luck by chance was no different.Let us get down to the business straight away The Story (no freebies!) Commonly uncommon - If in Bangalore/Hyderabad the only thing you overhear is the ’programming, Visual basic’ java etc.’ you can overhear a lot about … Continue reading luck by chance – movie review