Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin'Tossed salads and scrambled eggs Oh MyMercy (alt: Quite stylish.) And maybe I seem a bit confusedYeah maybe, but I got you pegged!Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! But I don't know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggsThey're callin' again. They're callin' againGood night, Seattle, we love … Continue reading Goodnight

Bol ke lab Azaad hain tere – Faiz Ahmed Faiz – Translation and Urdu Script Text

This post originally appeared at this fabulous blog. Do visit for some of the best posts on Urdu you will see. Do it before Urdu becomes anti national language. I hope IIT-Kanpur is not called upon to analyse and pass a judgement on this. From “Poems by Faiz: Translated with an introduction by V.G. Kiernan”, … Continue reading Bol ke lab Azaad hain tere – Faiz Ahmed Faiz – Translation and Urdu Script Text

Chann Kitthan Translation

Edit - As of 10 July 2018 (look at the pic, number of 'views' in youtube). Yet another proof that Views mean NOTHING.  Edit 10 March 2018- attended Ali Sethi Live concert where he briefly explained the meaning of the video of this song. You can see it here - Ali Sethi's magnificent tribute … Continue reading Chann Kitthan Translation

Music review – Ajab Ishq…Maati da by Harpreet

Very rarely do I come across an album that makes me happy about doing the review. Call it a recco post if you will, but this album is something you must not let go without giving it a listen. Track wise review below. This review first appeared here and My B.B.C. review appeared here … Continue reading Music review – Ajab Ishq…Maati da by Harpreet

Kitabon se kabhi guzro

It was 10 Sept 2006 I sat with Jagjit Singh to 'learn ghazal singing'. Bangalore. Pardon my silly writing, but going through some old stuff, found these 2 pages and wanted to share it with you. Happy birthday in advance, Jagjit Singh. And when you are done looking at the pics, listen to this