Crowded rooms – Prem Nath (Short stories)

 Not many have the gift of thinking in a language in which they write. It sounds simple but it certainly isn't. While we have a plethora of 'new age writers' willing to write about anything from socks to rockets (all within their flamboyant 'colleges' or workplace), in came a book which made reading a pleasure … Continue reading Crowded rooms – Prem Nath (Short stories)

Window seat – Jahnvi Acharekar

Being the one who can never read a book that is as thick as the biceps of Vidya Balan, I always long for short stories. I have no idea what heights Indian fiction has reached nor I want to know it. Was lucky to attend the launching of this book recently and what caught my … Continue reading Window seat – Jahnvi Acharekar

Spiders web (Agatha Christie) – Book review

What if this woman is prone to ‘imagining’ things, thanks to her background in theater acting? What if this woman is so good at narrating imaginary stories that everyone believes and acts (only to discover it later that it was a lie!)? What if this woman imagines ‘what if I find a dead body in … Continue reading Spiders web (Agatha Christie) – Book review

Brida – Paulo Coelho

Whenever you have to find about something, Plunge right in! The above line, borrowed from the latest offering of Paulo Coelho named ’Brida’ sums up all about what this book is.First things first. If you have already read ’The Alchemist’ and some other books from Paulo Coelho (PC from now on), chances are you would be expecting a … Continue reading Brida – Paulo Coelho

Mirza Ghalib – A biographical scenario – Review

Penned by Gulzar, this biographical book is based on the life and times of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib. One might argue that it is actually a detailed narration of the TV Serial which was made by Gulzar. I won’t disagree entirely but one has to actually read (and not go through) this book to find … Continue reading Mirza Ghalib – A biographical scenario – Review