CokeStudio Pakistan, Season 6, Thoughts on Episode 1 to 3

The yearly ritual of waiting for the new season of CokeStudio 'Original wala' was rewarded by the entire team of CokeStudio Pakistan. While most musicians are still struggling with 'fusion', Rohail has upped the ante and has moved the entire CokeStudio Pakistan to the next level of fusion this time round. You can read more … Continue reading CokeStudio Pakistan, Season 6, Thoughts on Episode 1 to 3

2013 Hindi film music – Vanishing traditional touch?

This year amidst the barrage of pre tuned item numbers, there was a lot of good music that made it’s way to our ears cutting out all the noise. The year started on a good note with films like Matru ki bijlee ka mandola and Kai po che that had a good mix of folk and … Continue reading 2013 Hindi film music – Vanishing traditional touch?

Review – CokeStudio India – Season 3 Episode 3 (Clinton Cerejo)

1. Peer jalani - starts with a very infectious riff and then Manga Khan weaves his magic (with excellent guitars for company). The presence of khartaal and morchang sets the song nicely. It is not a typical 'studio folk' so it takes time to leave a mark.Clinton also gets to sing and the singing is … Continue reading Review – CokeStudio India – Season 3 Episode 3 (Clinton Cerejo)

CokeStudio India Season 3, Episode 2 – Bolo Ram Ram Ram!

1. Dum dum andar - Samantha Edwards prays in the company of good guitars and the feeling of 'thehraav' sets in. Just then, Guitars start playing up and change the hitherto slow pace of the song. Sona Mohapatra makes a quiet entry to the song and sings traditional dum dum (More about the song dum … Continue reading CokeStudio India Season 3, Episode 2 – Bolo Ram Ram Ram!

Shuddh Desi Romaaaaaaaaaaaans – Music review

Tere mere beech is a breath of fresh air largely due to the singing of Sunidhi Chauhan and Mohit Chauhan. The use of brass bands is always a welcome and in the 'not so party' song like this, the use of the same is clever! The arrangement is just right and the excellent use of … Continue reading Shuddh Desi Romaaaaaaaaaaaans – Music review

Ghanchakkar – Music review

Staying close to the premise of the film is not something most music composers know in our lovely industry. Recently though, Music albums of Go Goa Gone and few others have successfully wrapped themselves around the feel of the film and boy were they good! Amit Trivedi’s latest offering - Ghanchakkar joins the league of … Continue reading Ghanchakkar – Music review

The Shah Hussain Project – Vasundhara das (Review)

Hun Nai Hatda – A peppy number starts with Vasundhara das crooning in right measure although somewhat uncomfortable with high notes. The song has a very pleasing feel to it overall. This is the Vashundhara das we all have been waiting for since sometime. The song features Mukhtiyar Ali who recites the traditional ‘Heer’ and … Continue reading The Shah Hussain Project – Vasundhara das (Review)

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – Music review

ilahi This song appears twice in the soundtrack. Mohit chauhan's version has a dash of fun-n-frolic to it with Mohit getting hysterical in bits. All while accompanied by an excellent all kids backup vocal army! Arijit singh's version is free flowing and scores slightly above Mohit's version in terms of melody. Both versions however smell … Continue reading Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – Music review

The Reluctant Fundamentalist – O.S.T. Review

The latest offering by Mira nair features various artists and the album has as many as 14 tracks. The album starts with Kangna,a traditional qawaali performed wonderfully by Fareed ayaz and Abu Muhammad. The accentuated bass towards the end remind us that this is for a Film and not performed for anything else. Although the … Continue reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist – O.S.T. Review

Go Goa Gone – Music review

With the O.S.T. of some films 'celebrating 100 years of cinema' hooked and cooked with, here comes an unashamedly party album that is not confused about it's identity and presentation. Slowley Slowley - Heavy bass arrangements and a ‘phunk' start scream ‘party song’ right from the word go! The atmosphere is created superbly within the … Continue reading Go Goa Gone – Music review

Bombay Talkies – Music review…Almost!

Sukhwinder starts Give it up for bachchan! in a storytelling fashion reminding you of once in vogue the ‘natak-nautanki’ style of singing songs wherein singers used to talk/converse and then sing and repeat this midway into the song. Amit trivedi hits you then with neat arrangement almost immediately with liberal ‘BigB hain!’ and the neat … Continue reading Bombay Talkies – Music review…Almost!

Go Goa Gone – Tracklist (unofficial)

I know this isn't a professional blog. Actually it's not even a blog. I don't even have my domain name, plus my twitter handle doesn't have 'music' or 'centimeter' in it! So this tracklist is not confirmed at all and I accept no liability whatsoever on it's correctness. Please consult the actual 'blogs' for the … Continue reading Go Goa Gone – Tracklist (unofficial)

Ek thi daayan – Tracklist (not officially confirmed)

Do you know that Lootera music in the teaser has striking resemblance to a Hollywood film? O.K. having ticked the fainthearted self-declared 'rebels', now on to serious business. Googled and Googled about Ek thi daayan songs and the internet threw some song titles as the tracklist, hence sharing it. Am quite sure this might not … Continue reading Ek thi daayan – Tracklist (not officially confirmed)

Thagni – Music review (And we MUST hear this album)!

This review goes out to Honhaar gunda who gifted me this album..a priceless gift my friend, and thank you for it! Mora saiyyan - Violin and guitar start this track. Shreyas takes the first shot and throws his soothing voice in a control that you get only because of good amount of ‘riyaz’. A track … Continue reading Thagni – Music review (And we MUST hear this album)!

Inkaar – Music review

A very ‘electric’ start to the song (titled Darmiyan), might trick you into believing this is one of those ‘wannabe bollywood rock’ sort of song but then Swanand kirkire intervenes melodiously and makes you smile. The tune is playful, the tone romantically secretive and the music arrangement - excellent! At times (especially when Swanand goes … Continue reading Inkaar – Music review

Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola – Not a music review

Because the damn music isn't out yet. Not for the unprivileged like us, the money paying junta. Anyway, thanks to @MeeMeera, we got a glimpse of the track list, the original 'CD cover के पीछे वाली' track list. The gut feeling is the music will be mediocre (thanks to the bakwaas hype the makers are creating) I … Continue reading Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola – Not a music review

Jagjit Singh – The Master And His Magic (New album)

Last year on October 10, music lost Jagjit Singh. Sony has released this album to ensure some more ghazals reach out to us that were previously unheard by most of us. The album starts with Tu Ambar ki Aankh ka taara and Jagjit Singh announces something that is impossible to put in here. This track is … Continue reading Jagjit Singh – The Master And His Magic (New album)

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana – Music review

A Chimta coupled with slow beats and a naughty punjabi flute..all this along with an excellent group of back up vocals (the ‘hac! hac!’...marvellous!) arrest you when Kikli Kaler di starts. Naughty without being loud the song instantly profiles a casanova who has too many ‘balls in the air’. Pinky Maidasani Yo Yo Honey Singh … Continue reading Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana – Music review

Jab tak hai Jaan – Music review..Almost

The way ‘Saans’ starts, one does feel the sound of A.R. Rahman trying to hit you. Shreya Ghosal comes up with an echo (and a lot of ‘dhafli’ in the background and some unnecessary violins that more or less go on and on). Mohit Chauhan has probably done a doctorate in such slow mood songs … Continue reading Jab tak hai Jaan – Music review..Almost

Somrass – Pankaj Awasthi – Review…almost!

Pankaj Awasthi is one of the strongest voices we have in our music scene. Some of his previous work can be found here, here and here. His characteristic shiver in the loud alaaps pierce right through your soul. Do try to catch up on some of his work if you have time. You can listen to this album here … Continue reading Somrass – Pankaj Awasthi – Review…almost!

Aiyyaa – Meezik review!

Wakda - Excellent Morchang starts the song with the mridangam joining in later and superb nadaswaram leading the way for Amit Trivedi (who is now joined by the keyboards as well, by the way). A song talking about the ‘inevitable’. The song has a leisurely pace occassionally lifted by nasaswaram and a lot of tabla and … Continue reading Aiyyaa – Meezik review!

Gangs of Wasseypur 2 – Music review

1. Chicha ledar - The song starts with that familiar sound that all the people who lived near a cotton extracting/beating shop would easily identify. (Those huge sitar-like eqipuments) and then with appropriate ‘building up’ the song launches into a constant beat arrangement and in comes Durga!. Backed by extremely good lyrics the song grabs … Continue reading Gangs of Wasseypur 2 – Music review

CokeStudio at MTV – Season 2, Episode 1

Saathi Salaam - Ustad (yes I would address him as 'Ustad'. So what if MTV doesn't?) Sawan khan shakes and stirs the soul with a captivating start to this composition and Clinton quietly makes space for himself alongside the Ustad and delivers what is easily the most powerful song of this episode. The coordination, music … Continue reading CokeStudio at MTV – Season 2, Episode 1

CokeStudio Season 5, Episode 5

Dasht e tanhai - Meesha shafi starts this with a soulful touch (with minimal music) and the composition comes to life with the typical ‘CokeStudio-sque’ style with all the music hitting us barely 2 minute in the song. The comparison with the Iqbal bano’s version is an obvious ‘Go-to’ topic for this. I haven’t heard … Continue reading CokeStudio Season 5, Episode 5

Coke studio, Pakistan Season 5, Episode 4

1.Kandyaari Dhol Geet - Bohemia and Chakwal Group The techno beginning to this beautiful song might fool a below average listener like me into believing that this would be a 'techno' track (afterall Bohemia is said to be featured in this) but then the Chakwal group present us with the melodiously synced rendition of this … Continue reading Coke studio, Pakistan Season 5, Episode 4

Review – Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 3 – Keep it light!

The new episode is here! Here is what I feel about this 'light' episode. Nindiya ke paar - Uzair Jaswal starts this song in a light fashion with a lot of 'first love pangs' in his voice. The minimalist music arrangement compliments the soft style of singing and before you know Uzair weaves the timeless … Continue reading Review – Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 3 – Keep it light!

Bhoos ke dher mein – Lyrics and meaning – #GangsOfWasseypur

Right! Time for the another song lyrics and and it's meaning from the album Gangs of Wasseypur...This one, as a little birdie tells me, is a personal favorite of the pen magician (Varun Grover) who has to be credited for the song and for all the posts in this blog on Gangs of Wasseypur The … Continue reading Bhoos ke dher mein – Lyrics and meaning – #GangsOfWasseypur

ik Bagal mein chand hoga – Lyrics – Gangs of WasseyPur

Self explanatory 🙂 इक बगल में चाँद होगा, इक बगल में रोटियां,  इक बगल में नींद होगी, इक बगल में लोरियां,  हम चाँद पे रोटी की चादर डालकर सो जायेंगे,  और नींद से कह देंगे लोरी कल सुनाने आयेंगे.  इक बगल में खनखनाती सीपियाँ हो जाएँगी,  इक बगल में कुछ रुलाती सिसकियाँ हो जाएँगी,  हम सीपियों में … Continue reading ik Bagal mein chand hoga – Lyrics – Gangs of WasseyPur

Gangs of Wasseypur – Humnee ke chhori ke – lyrics & meaning

Like with the previous lyrics post, the credit of this post belongs only to  Varun Grover. Arguably the only song this year that touches the soul. A folk bhojpuri song that is sung by Deepak (a 14 year old boy) from Muzaffapur. The song features in Gangs Of Wasseypur. Read on...(English translation - in italics) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- … Continue reading Gangs of Wasseypur – Humnee ke chhori ke – lyrics & meaning

Womaniya – Lyrics

Thanks to Varun Grover, here are the lyrics of the song 'Womaniya' (from the music of the  film - Gangs Of Wasseypur). These are the original lyrics that were submitted but some words may have been altered during the final output. O Womaniya Prelude: तारै जो बबूना....तरती बबुनिया... बबूना के हत्थे न चरति बबुनिया... Mukhda: ओ … Continue reading Womaniya – Lyrics

Gangs of Wasseypur – Music review (Ok…Almost!)

ये पोस्ट सबसे पहले यहाँ छपी है - The complete track listing and credits and an option to buy can be found here  1. Jiya ho bihar – The song starts with faint ‘thaaps’ as if a traditional song but soon is joined by electric guitars and then the techno arrangement leads us to the very … Continue reading Gangs of Wasseypur – Music review (Ok…Almost!)

How an indian Idol promo slapped me on my face!

Long back on ZEE TV there was this kids' singing competition. There was a visually challenged boy who was given a lot of encouragement because he could sing well. As much as I felt for the boy and his supportive and very very sweet) parents, There was a part of me that didnt like his … Continue reading How an indian Idol promo slapped me on my face!

Lyrics – Jiya ho bihar ke laal & I am a hunter (Gangs of wasseypur)

Yes, the two ‘unveiled’ songs from Gangs of Wasseypur are here: १.जीया हो बिहार के लाल(Jiya ho bihar ke laal) २. हम  हैं सीकारी (I am a hunter) Here are the lyrics for both!Song 1 - Hunter (हम  हैं  सीकारी)(English lyrics by Vedesh Sukoo, Hindi by Varun Grover) Haillloo…  Hello…  Hello I am a hunter and … Continue reading Lyrics – Jiya ho bihar ke laal & I am a hunter (Gangs of wasseypur)

CokeStudio Season 5, Episode 1 – First impressions

The cokeStudio Pakistan is back with Season 5! The episode 1 premiered on YouTube 3 hours back and here are some first impressions of the same.. The House band remains more or less the same - Asad Ahmed on guitar, Babar Ali Khanna on dholak, Javed Iqbal on violin, Kamran ‘Mannu’ Zafar on bass, Omran … Continue reading CokeStudio Season 5, Episode 1 – First impressions


That's me. When it comes to music. While I try very hard to nod along with the people who look down at film music (because it's so 'chalta hai' sorts), I do enjoy film music off and on. So when I saw everyone going overboard with this song, I told myself - 'Typical middle path … Continue reading Rigid

Ishaqzaade – Music review…Almost!

Somewhat weird promos and an over emotive 'hero' arrested the attention. May be YRF is trying hard to sound 'raw', I thought. I heard the album and well... Ishaqzade - The title song (giving you an intense 'Udaan' sound) starts a gentle 'bigoool' starts the song in way as to tell us something big is … Continue reading Ishaqzaade – Music review…Almost!

SOTD – Khoye Hain (A band called – SAFAR )

Came across this thanks to @fonseyka I feel bad for the skeptics. The skeptics who felt Indipop scene is dead. Take a look at this song. (Ok agree that video is kind of 'cute' but listen to the song). This is a band called - Safar This is there homepage - (do hear the soundcloud byte they … Continue reading SOTD – Khoye Hain (A band called – SAFAR )

SOTD – REIDI GUL – YASIR & JAWAD Khan Abdul ghani khan

Wish  I could write a thing or two in praise of this song...the poetry...but am scared I will dilute the beauty of this composition and poetry so here it is   Intro: Yawa wraze yao Sahra ke pa khkaar ootay wam rawan Yo Gulab me walar olid prakeda, khaista khanda Verse 1: Yawa wraze yao … Continue reading SOTD – REIDI GUL – YASIR & JAWAD Khan Abdul ghani khan

Merry Christmas

The credit for this discovery goes to the one and only @cilemaSnob (twitter id) Tell me, how do these lyrics look like? ------------------------------------------ I'm going home after track, I go over the hills. The windows falls, snow falls, they will be Christmas. Sorrows, troubles, worries, I left the city. I hear people at midnight to … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Music review – Irshaad – Rekha Bharadwaj and Sudeep Banerjee

Long back, when MagnaSound records was a music company famous for giving out plastic cases for the audio cassettes and that 'extra sweet' recording, came an artist with his debut Album 'Phir Bhi'. His name is Sudeep banerjee. If you haven't heard that album, trust me you are missing a lot. After nearly 10 years … Continue reading Music review – Irshaad – Rekha Bharadwaj and Sudeep Banerjee

Hum dekhengey – Faiz – Translation

Yet another attempt to cage  the lyrics of a composition I live by...This is by Faiz. Please suggest changes if any. Blog from which I have copied these lyrics mentioned below. A must check out blog if you like ghazals. Hum dekhenge Lazim hai ke hum bhi dekhenge Wo din ke jis ka wada hai … Continue reading Hum dekhengey – Faiz – Translation

Why this kolaveri di…..?????

Lyrics Of "Why This Kolaveri Di" From "3" Sung By Dhanush Music By Anirudh yo boys i am sing song soup song flop song why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di rhythm correct why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di maintain this why this kolaveri..di distance la moon-u moon-u moon-u color-u … Continue reading Why this kolaveri di…..?????

Don 2 – Music review

After being thoroughly disappointed by the music of Zindagi na milegi dobara, (You can read my thoughts on ZNMD music here  I was literally afraid to listen to this album but then how can you NOT listen to DON 2? The teasers were too tempting for me and I gave in. Let's see if the … Continue reading Don 2 – Music review

A Chance to show you can create music!

The golden opportunity to be a part of a Hindi film album/soundtrack is here! Introducing the "Kaafiron Ki Namaaz Song Contest"! This specially designed contest gives you an opportunity to get your self-composed, original song featured on the Audio CD of a forthcoming independent Hindi film produced by Lorien Motion Pictures (titled, Kaafiron Ki Namaaz). … Continue reading A Chance to show you can create music!

Rockstar – Music review

This post first appeared here - In the times of ‘gone with the click’ I cannot remember the last time when the curiosity of a music score being released was even half as it was for the soundtrack of ‘Rockstar’. Guilt is my witness as I shamelessly searched all the ‘shady’ sites to catch hold … Continue reading Rockstar – Music review

Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster – Music review (and a loud Brrrrrrruuuaaaaah!)

1. Right from the word go, You know what you will be getting from jugni, a quick pace superb dance number. Thanks to hindi film music, we always imagine a punjabi song to be ‘dance and balley balley’  and while some songs try very hard to be ‘different’ but this one is what i will call … Continue reading Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster – Music review (and a loud Brrrrrrruuuaaaaah!)

GhazalJeet singh – Live in Bombay 16 September 2011

Yet another concert ticket! So we went to listen to Jagjit Singh (I went to be awestruck because he is GOD). Anyway, here is a ghazal by ghazal update of the evening. The signature 'alaaps' before all the ghazals were present so I will spare the reader those details. 1. The concert was kick started … Continue reading GhazalJeet singh – Live in Bombay 16 September 2011

Eddie Vedder & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan- The Long Road – lyrics

Yet another attempt to capture a good song....just can't get over it. And I wished for so long...cannot stay. All the precious moments...cannot stay. It's not like wings have fallen...cannot stay. But still something's missing...cannot say. Holding hands of daughters and sons, And their faiths are falling down. I have wished for so long... How … Continue reading Eddie Vedder & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan- The Long Road – lyrics

Happy birthday Gulzar Sahab

koi dil ke paas hota hai, koi jaan nisar hota hai, lekin maalik to sirf ek hee hai, jiska naam #Gulzar Hota hai. Happy birthday sir. Kalam se Qalaam nahin, zindagi ki boondein nikalti hain, #Gulzar sahab kaash hum kagaz ka tukda hotey...#HappyBDay #Gulzar sahab Wo chehrey pe ainak, wo baaton ki baithak, wo urdu ki baarish wo shabdon … Continue reading Happy birthday Gulzar Sahab


While the world media (especially the sadistic lobby) is busy writing about how SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR (Name in CAPS - ALWAYS) hasn't scored a 100 in Lord's yet, hand on heart, I don't think it matters. SACHIN has achieved more than what some cricket teams of 11 would never be able to. Cleanly. Took this pledge … Continue reading #SachinisGod

Crowded rooms – Prem Nath (Short stories)

 Not many have the gift of thinking in a language in which they write. It sounds simple but it certainly isn't. While we have a plethora of 'new age writers' willing to write about anything from socks to rockets (all within their flamboyant 'colleges' or workplace), in came a book which made reading a pleasure … Continue reading Crowded rooms – Prem Nath (Short stories)

Aaj Piya Ghar aavengey – Kailash kher

A song originally featured in one of Kailash Kher's album came back haunting thanks to Coke studio at MTV. Pasting the youtube  video link. If the song's introduction didn't let it out that Kailash kher wrote this at the time his father left this world, we could never have guessed the depth of this song.. … Continue reading Aaj Piya Ghar aavengey – Kailash kher

Happy birthday Gurudutt ji

Today is the birth anniversary of the guy who was much ahead of his times...Just three pieces which put his real self in perspective and to some extent the way his life panned out professionally and personally. All these are from the film Pyaasa 1. Yes hanstey huye phool....Aptly puts the pain which Gurudutt experienced … Continue reading Happy birthday Gurudutt ji

An Indian band called Sifar – Music review

While we engage in bashing and then appreciating the recent coke studio sessions at MTV, allow me to introduce a desi group (who I won't be surprised to see in coke studio India in the coming days). They have released 3 tracks on June 18. More about them  later. Let's dissect the music shall we? … Continue reading An Indian band called Sifar – Music review

Alif Allah

Just another attempt to capture the words which affected me, in a good way. The credit for translation goes to various Pakistan websites who helped me put this thank them if you need to 🙂   Alif allah chambay di booti, tey meray murshid mann vich lai hoo My master has planted the fragrant … Continue reading Alif Allah

Curious case of Coke studio and Byomkesh bakshi

Having grown up watching Doordarshan (and bashing it shamelessly!), I remember how we used to sit and wait for Byomkesh Bakshi, (In those times, there were NO repeats. Yes it is true.). Sometimes, they would end Byomkesh bakshi as 'to be continued....'. My God knows that the entire week used to be so difficult to … Continue reading Curious case of Coke studio and Byomkesh bakshi

Na Raindee hai…cokestudio (Pakistan)

This post is just an effort to cage the lyrics of this beautiful song at a ready reference point. If you haven't heard must try at least - These lines by Baba Bulleh shah just go on to underline the should not look OUTSIDE. The truth is within...(Guiding philosophy of Vipassana as … Continue reading Na Raindee hai…cokestudio (Pakistan)

Senaan ra baairya – lyrics and translation

سینڑاں را بائریا دھیمو مدھرو ری باج senṛaan ra baairya dheemo madhuro ri baaj listen, O breeze, softly and sweetly blow دھیمو دھیمو مدھرو ری باج رے بائریا dheemo dheemo madhuro ri baaj re baaireeya softly, softly, sweetly blow, O breeze سینڑاں را بائریا دھیمو مدھرو ری باج senṛaan ra baairya dheemo madhuro ri baaj … Continue reading Senaan ra baairya – lyrics and translation

Zindagi na milegi dobara – Music review…well almost! :)

1. Kab tak giney- Yes it is the electric guitar with quick tempo drums...what else do we expect from a movie with SEL (shankar ehsaan loy) these days. Ok Ok it does add a little bit of youth quotient to the sound of it.  Shankar mahadevan, Joi and Suraj Jagan sing this one. The sudden … Continue reading Zindagi na milegi dobara – Music review…well almost! 🙂

Delhi belly – Music review

1. Bhaag DK Bose - Ram Sampath wastes no time and hits it off with a catch tune and lovely guitar...Yes the song with so much baggage already completely lives up to it’s ‘NAME’ :). Not sure how Mr. Amir khan will ensure this song doesn’t reach the kids vocabulary...but then...well leave it. Animated chorus, … Continue reading Delhi belly – Music review

Daanay peh daana – Coke Studio – translation

Source - many but chiefly - - Thank you guys A song which has literally held my senses in it's captivity. Hear it if you haven't. The translation is as under... ji ba tara live long! ae khatti khaba?i baawa kana bashmabo hey! Khatti and Khabri, my sons, wake up! saaf de ?ik tissune … Continue reading Daanay peh daana – Coke Studio – translation

Coke Studio India…the journey begins June 17th

A well established fact remains that music is a universal language that knows no boundaries and has the power to break down barriers and bring people together. To celebrate and further the cause of love and togetherness through music, Coke has done the world a huge favor by introducing us all to Coke Studio. Coke … Continue reading Coke Studio India…the journey begins June 17th

Coke Studio – Bombay….17 May 2011!/rohwit/status/60324618317205504 This is where it all started. Thanks to some lovely folks who are my friends at Twitter, I got a chance to attend Coke studio recording at MTV. (I had to leave it mid-way but then let's focus on the positive side of the deal). Anyway, Benny dayal and suzanne d'mello did come up with … Continue reading Coke Studio – Bombay….17 May 2011

I AM – Music review

Baangur (Music - Amit Trivedi) - The song starts in a typical ‘Amit trivedi’ style. This time it’s the instrument ‘Veena’ which talks with a guitar and subtly leaves you in good company of a very talented Mame khan. His raw voice, filled with contemporary nuances and the melody of classical music enthralls you. The track … Continue reading I AM – Music review

7 Khoon maaf – Music review

 Darling – An excited Usha Uthup gets the ball rolling with some lovely violin and accordion and the army like drums in the background…stage set and the super Rekha Bharadwaj enters like a Daaaaarling! A song supremely accompanied by the very talented Chorus. Gulzar Saab gets apologetic for calling the lover on a Sunday and … Continue reading 7 Khoon maaf – Music review

Udaan – Music review

Music - Amit Trivedi Lyrics - Amitabh Bhattacharya and Anurag Kashyap Aankhon ke pardon pe – Faint violin with a lot of ‘sounds’ from morning typically suddenly elevate and shake hands with heavy notes of the guitar and before you know the heaviness turns into sweet sound of a ‘boyish’ chorus (comprising of Joi Barua … Continue reading Udaan – Music review

My name is Khan – Music review

Lyrics - Niranjan Iyengar Music - Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (SEL) 1. Sajda - (Richa Sharma- Rahat fateh ali Khan) - Low and continous notes on the keyboard immediately tell you it is a karan johar movie music album and whatever doubt remains is cleared by Richa Sharma's rendition of typical 'I will die but love will remain' … Continue reading My name is Khan – Music review

Kaminey – Music review

Here comes another music review courtesy heavy traffic snarls! This time I am stuck in Bangalore! Gulzar saab teams up with Vishal Bharadwaj to give us the music of ‘Kaminey’ and how! A pleasant surprise was to hear Suresh Wadkar after Omkara. Let me get down to the business straight away then.. 6. Go Charlie … Continue reading Kaminey – Music review

Spiders web (Agatha Christie) – Book review

What if this woman is prone to ‘imagining’ things, thanks to her background in theater acting? What if this woman is so good at narrating imaginary stories that everyone believes and acts (only to discover it later that it was a lie!)? What if this woman imagines ‘what if I find a dead body in … Continue reading Spiders web (Agatha Christie) – Book review

Firaq – Movie review

Much has been said, shouted and yelled about the riots every where. Gujarat riots aren’t different. Although ‘Parzania’ did speak a lot about what happened in Gujarat, Firaaq is an attempt one feels like standing up and applauding. I have not revealed much in the review The story Set against a month after the Gujarat … Continue reading Firaq – Movie review

Jodha akbar – Music review

While AR Rehman has worked in a lot of period movies as a composer, he seems to come up with some gems everytime! Jodha Akbar is no different. The album opens with Azeem-o-shaan shahensha a song which sketeches a perfect grandeur image of the times of Akbar with a liberal use of big instruments. The lyrics … Continue reading Jodha akbar – Music review

Brida – Paulo Coelho

Whenever you have to find about something, Plunge right in! The above line, borrowed from the latest offering of Paulo Coelho named ’Brida’ sums up all about what this book is.First things first. If you have already read ’The Alchemist’ and some other books from Paulo Coelho (PC from now on), chances are you would be expecting a … Continue reading Brida – Paulo Coelho

Khuda ke liye – Movie review

>Arguably one of the best themes one will see in today’s times. When so many countries are pounding at some helpless people tagging them as terrorists, KKL gives you a chilling revelation on how these helpless people tackle/succumb to the pressure. There are two lines which make up the story, both merging with the same theme … Continue reading Khuda ke liye – Movie review

Kismet konnection – Music review

When Aziz Mirza makes a movie, all the sensible guys sit up and take notice isnt it? Who can forget he has given us very lovable raju ban gaya gentleman, yes boss and somewhata watchable chalte chalte! One common thing between almost all his films is that music score is soothing...original and very very hum … Continue reading Kismet konnection – Music review

Jaane tu Ya Jaane na – Movie review

Remember the days when life used to be good...friends were more important than cell phones, just a walk in the rain used to be much better than a drive!Well Jaane tu ya jane na takes us to those lovely days of friendship, togetherness and laughter! It is such a simple film that would make you really … Continue reading Jaane tu Ya Jaane na – Movie review

Rock on – Music review

Hello everyone......I said Helllllllllllllllllllllllllooooo everyone! Lets look at one of  the most unconventional album of the year! Knowing fully well that people would be curious to see/judge/review/hate/love/like/dislike/pull Farhan Akhtar as a singer, he opens the music album with the song number one 1. Aasman hai Neela - A peppy and a ‘very rock’ number. Begins with … Continue reading Rock on – Music review

Kismet Konnection – Movie review

>Watching Kismet Konnection (KK from now on as writing the full name isn’t worth the effort!) after paying 200 bucks per ticket (excluding the 60 odd bucks for parking my car), forced me think how reckless I have become in spending my hard earned money! The Story: I remember people commenting on how stupid the … Continue reading Kismet Konnection – Movie review

Husn-e-Jana – A collection of Sufi ghazals – Muzaffar Ali

This is a Ghazal album produced by Mr. Muzaffar ali, who is known for his films like Umrao Jaan, Gaman, Anjuman etc.Mr. Ali is a self confessed Sufi music follower and while his musical attempts are marked with a lot sufiyana Qawwalis, this album has a pure ghazal theme except one thumri which is sung … Continue reading Husn-e-Jana – A collection of Sufi ghazals – Muzaffar Ali

Ghajini – meri girlfirend ko danda kyun maraa

Overworked to the core, you decide to watch a movie and get lucky to get special screening passes for Ghajini...and you think life is good! The story There has been so much talk about Ghajini that I don’t think its worthwhile to waste the reader’s time with the story but I would like to state … Continue reading Ghajini – meri girlfirend ko danda kyun maraa

Chandni chowk to china – music review

Music Director(s): Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Kailash-Paresh-Naresh, Bappi Lahiri- Bappa Lahiri & Bohemia.Lyrics - Rajat Arora, Shailender, Kailash Kher, Bohemia Song 1- S.I.D.H.U - Kailash Kher &Chorus - The song doesn’t waste anytime in ’getting started’ and has a delhi feel to it the moment you hear it. There is a very 1990s feel to the ’wah bhai … Continue reading Chandni chowk to china – music review

Delhi 6 – Music review

Music - A.R Rahman Lyrics - Prasoon Joshi Aarti – Rekha, Kishori gowariker, shradha pandit and sujata mazumdar come together to weave magic with the Sitar playing slowly in the background. The composition is unique because it has a very earthy feel. You are bound do remember Ek Onkar from Rang de basanti when you … Continue reading Delhi 6 – Music review

luck by chance – movie review

Farhan Akhtar is a reason enough for me to watch a movie and luck by chance was no different.Let us get down to the business straight away The Story (no freebies!) Commonly uncommon - If in Bangalore/Hyderabad the only thing you overhear is the ’programming, Visual basic’ java etc.’ you can overhear a lot about … Continue reading luck by chance – movie review

Mirza Ghalib – A biographical scenario – Review

Penned by Gulzar, this biographical book is based on the life and times of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib. One might argue that it is actually a detailed narration of the TV Serial which was made by Gulzar. I won’t disagree entirely but one has to actually read (and not go through) this book to find … Continue reading Mirza Ghalib – A biographical scenario – Review