CokeStudio Season 12, Episode 3, Produced by Rohail Hyatt

Episode 1 review here, Episode 2 review here

Chal raha hoo main – The song starts with a mellow arrangement and even though Umair Jaswal cries out in pain, he doesn’t sound out of tune, because after all it is a cry, well executed. I absolutely loved the Sarod play by Tanweer Tafu, who not only plays the bridge part in the song when it eventually transforms into a more serious territory and the back up vocalists join the proceedings more prominently thereafter. With Umair there is always a danger that he would not be able to control himself and digress a little. Not this time. This song easily is one of the most moving songs I have come across this season. A ballad, a cry, I don’t care – it sounds damn good…Excellent work! Hear it 00:58 second onwards to hear a gentle guitar riff that sounds unbelievably subtle and melodious…Looks like Rohail Hyatt is back!

Aadam – By Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad and Humnava. A guitar sounds like a magnificent Mohan Veena in the hands of the magician who is Tanweer Tafu. The song is ibtida-ed by Tafu and the first 1:12 mins are sheer joy. Then, it all changes. I still rate test Fareed and Abu’s highest work (in the studio) as being Kangna. This though, comes dangerously close. There is no element of showy loudness. The qalaam that they have chosen in this one is far superior to Kangna and my God what love these people have showered! The new lead humnava was just too good (he enters the arena after the break on 6:22 mins or so). It is a pure riot and highly recommended. 12 mins, without making you uncomfortable. Hear hear!

Mubarik Mubarik – Banur’s band & Atif Aslam – I thought this would be the highpoint of the episode and to some extent it was. Banur boys are too talented and they clearly stole the show with their mesmerising music play and singing. I love the celebratory tone of the song and the sheer fun that the band was having. The only problem I have with the song is that it is too short and ended almost abruptly. Atif was not given a larger play to engage with the band and perhaps towards the end, they should have swapped languages, Atif should have left the song with Balochi parts and Banur boys should have just repeated Urdu-Punjabi parts. I absolutely love the song but it left me wanting for more and not in a good way.

An excellent episode and the highpoint was – Chal haha hoo main.

7 thoughts on “CokeStudio Season 12, Episode 3, Produced by Rohail Hyatt

  1. Hi Rohit!
    Great review. However I saw a couple of things that might need correction. Tanveer Tafu ji played the Sarod and not the Santoor in “Chal Raha Hoon Main”, and “Mubarik Mubarik” was predominantly in Balochi and not Pashto.
    I really enjoy reading your reviews and it’s great to see people enjoying and appreciating good music and being equally excited about Coke Studio Pakistan.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. I love how melody is back to CS…Mubarak Mubarak…!
    yes no showy loudness (which is Rahat’s undoing) in Adam.loved the Tarans more.Gave Kangna vibes.Thank goodness.Cs has overcome the trauma of past seasons.

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