CokeStudio 12, Episode 2, Produced By: Rohail Hyatt – Review

Episode 1 review here

Saiyaan – Shuja – I would get late to office if am listening to a song from him. I like his sincerity (which is now being promoted a lot, I must add). I love what Rachel does when she chooses to pick a microphone. This song though, from the word ‘go’ made me uncomfortable. The beginning was too shrill and the antras (especially the first one),  were disturbing, to put it mildly. Still, the bits and pieces were not too bad (main thaa mar onwards especially). I know everyone is trying hard when I look at the video, just that it felt, as a listener and a watcher, that all the technicians were trying too hard to tell themselves that they are really liking the song. There was no passion or emotion. Rachel, I felt was not a great choice for song in toto. She was good in bits and pieces. Shuja was too expressive for a song that really didn’t need all that much. Confused and avoidable. Production? Solid. Rest? Pass!

Billo – Haha! The foot tapping madness that is Mr. Abrar – ul – haq. I still jive at his ‘Paani da bulbula’ when no-one is looking, but more on some other time. With CokeStudio re-imaginations, there have been hits and misses, mostly hits. Rohail Hyatt hits the ground running with this one and plants it into the stand. There are some subtle and not so subtle variations that you might notice if you have been a long time listener to this song. What just arrested me and multiplied the fun factor was Mr. Haq’s ‘billo de ghaaa’ shouts! The lyrics are a riot and the production is just fantastic. I just loved this way too much! Definitely in my top picks of the year.

Roshe – There is a balm that is Zeb’s voice and there is a calm that is Rohail Hyatt’s production. When they both meet Zain, something as devastating and beautiful as this song is the result. Like I suspected when the BTS came out (btw, one of the best ever BTS ever for any song, by any program ever), this is the song that anchors the episode. Uncle Jay and his violin will make you cry, if you are one of those lucky fews who have not started weeping in the first 2 mins of the song already. There is a certain participatory brilliance in the way everyone has performed in the song. Everyone is just so delicately performing their part, with brilliance as a given. I could hear Zeb read a newspaper and would find it better than most songs we hear. Let me not embarass myself by trying to find words to express the beauty of this song. Hear Zeb’s Alaaps towards the end and watch her drop them with so many murkis, each turn expressing pain and unimaginable hurt, but with a smile. What a marvellous piece of presentation – Hello Rohail Hyatt! You magician you!

Belter of an episode, Rohail Hyatt and the team!

(Why no free download audio option on the Season homepage?)

17 thoughts on “CokeStudio 12, Episode 2, Produced By: Rohail Hyatt – Review

  1. Spot on…I agree in toto.I did not have much hope for Saiyyan.I think Shuja has this habit of overdoing his stuff to the extent of ruining the mood.(Remember Dam Mast from previous seasons?)And BTS shows Rohail gave him artistic freedom as to how he wanted to do his song.Well.Thats what he wanted.Billo is how you treat Ibrar.What a mood lifter !Rap,bhangrha,innocence,joy all in one song ! Roshe,Roshe…what a masterpiece! The song is a journey into melancholy ! Specially the last part put you into a trance.The compositon..her voice..Hypnotic ! Rohail Hayyat ! Im obsessed !

  2. I sparred over Roshe with many who called it a disaster.Rightly you say silly social media hash tags.I was looking for your comments for some moral support.Thats why I rather pressurized you to write your review as early as possible.Thank you for that.
    BTS of next episode are out.Looks like we are up for a treat !

  3. This is becoming a ritual now for me…every friday wait for the CS Songs and then wait for your review a couple of days later…All in all a good 2nd episode I would say..Billo hit it out of the park…Roshe is good too but I think it is going to take a little more time to grow on me, surprisingly Saiyaan grew on me in 2 days and now is in my playlist…3rd Episode is delayed due to the train i guess we gotta wait till next friday. Cheers.

  4. For me, Saiyaan was not up to the mark. Billo was good but I was expecting a bit more experimentation (may be towards the lyrics side). Roshe was simply superb – Hats off for Zeb, Rohail and his team.

  5. Roshe broke my heart. Abrar put a smile nack on my face with Billo 🙂
    This is the Coke Studio that is so very Pakistani in nature. Sigh of relief!

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