Heard of Jagjit singh? Ghazal 4

Towards the later part of his life, Jagjit singh was accused of not putting too much heart in his work, album wise. Insight, the album was definitely an aberration to that. It is mighty tough to suggest one track from this gem of an album. Still, it is Chaand se phool se , that remains my absolute pick from the album. The album was released by Weston and later it was taken over by Tips, yes I remember these details which seem useless now. Nida Fazli was such a genius and as an old old friend (who is not a friend anymore), pointed at least 20 years ago, ‘In each and every Ghazal of Nida fazli, there would always be a mention of ghar/makaan’. I distinctly remember trying to say ‘aap’ as ‘vaap’, when I heard this ghazal because in all the antras, it seems like Jagjit singh is prononcing ‘aap’ as ‘vaap’ Be that as it may, do hear it..at least once?

Kya zaroori hai, ki har parda uthaya jaaye? Mere halaat bhi apne he makaan se suniye..har taraf aap ka…kissa hai…jahan se suniye..

One thought on “Heard of Jagjit singh? Ghazal 4

  1. Really enjoying this!! and yes i am not dead.. I’m just a busy mum since the last 2.5 years!

    Back to the point – Insight was indeed my favorite ones of his albums. Our family favorite was ‘Garaj Baras’ .. was played on repeat for about 2 hours everyday!! oh those mad days!

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