CokeStudio11 Episode 7

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Jind Mahiya – A slow, almost reggae like pace mixed with obvious habibi influence is what catches your attention from the first second in the song. Shuja Haider’s composition is as free flowing as his singing and even though in the BTS video, he insisted it is a chichora song, the song comes across as adorable and way too catch. This is like ‘rockstar’ without self deprecating tone and peppered with innocence. This is exactly the kind of execution that I was waiting for since the season started. The houseband played up perfectly and there was nothing over the top and surprisingly, the song sounds very well produced. Lest I forget, the dholak play from Babar added just the right amount of nasha. Easily, the first song of the season that I loved without any ‘if’ or ‘but’. Thumbs up!

Ballay Ballay – There is an old world mischief whenever Abrar Ul Haq graces the studio with his presence. This song here takes that feel higher up. Aima Baig is as usual dependable (can she get a note wrong? I guess not). I would have liked a little more thump in the song and slightly more energy perhaps. Still, the tongue in cheek traditional parts and the ease with which the song has been performed is enough to like this song and play on repeat. I loved him in Pani da bulbula and I love Abrar Ul Haq here as well.

Ya Qurban – Khumariyaan boys made me go mad. I absolutely loved what they have done here. The song, the dance, the vibe, the happiness that dripped from their soul via their song and instruments…this is  vintage CokeStudio Pakistan, this is what we wait for when CokeStudio Pakistan announces a new season. You can make half talented musicians stand and ‘fuse’ their work like there is no tomorrow, but it takes a special khaalis presentation like this to blow your mind away. How about those maddening whistle? Everything, just about everything is top notch here. Not a note wrong, excellently done boys! Fun bit – check out the Game of Thrones opening credits done by the boys here – Game of Thrones Main Theme (Cover) by Khumariyaan

Balaghal Ula kamalihi – When she sings, Lord hears. Simple. These are Gulzar’s words but ring in true everytime I see (holding both ears as I say her name) Her Highness Abida Parveen. There is really nothing that comes to mind when I try to analyse this song because this here is not a track, it is devotion finding its way to our souls. A magnificent presentation…for me the song of this season. That’s it. Please explore it.

What a crackling episode this was! All 4 songs were good and really, there is nothing else to be written about the episode except that the producers deserve a pat on their back…brilliantly done!

P.S. – I hope they fire whoever managed lighting in this season and I hope they fire whoever is in charge of sound mixing.

18 thoughts on “CokeStudio11 Episode 7

  1. Love the GOT main theme song. But never really researched about its creators or the covers. This piece of information in here just evoked curiosity and I am all pumped up, searching for Khumariyaan.

  2. Abida and Khumariyan topped though i wd hav liked a bit more of lyrics for the latter.But Ibrar was a big disappointment.U r right bhally bhally lacked punjabi thump.I wd nevr go back for that one.Having said that,what u think of the heavy dependence on electric guitar this season ? It has started to sound monotonous.Also,wudnt it better if Jaffar Zaidi joins the duo Zohaib and Hamza ?? I dont know whether its lack of experience or immaturity of the producers,most of the songs this season went up like rocket but came down like a stone.A few songs gave old vibes but thats it.Very frustratin !!

    1. Oh ok! Yes I didn’t see this comment earlier. I keep my views private in terms of suggesting new producers for the studio for the simple reason that to me, all are unknown commodities. I didn’t know of Zohaib before Ismail ka urdu sheher came out. I love that album. I love his loungish sound. The fact that he has worked with Rohail for 6 seasons also made me anticipate good things. I do agree with you on this season and will write more on a separate post, a post that would make me lose a LOT of friends :). That said, I have always been impressed with what Zaidi has done on the studio. He sounds mature and it feels like he has a lot to share, musically. I agree with the monotonous sound of guitar this season. This point actually appears on the post that I will come out with after the season ends. I am sad because the line up is so good…

  3. frustrating not frustratin…actually that was spelling correction from last post…not ur post..hahahha
    Im pleased that u also noticd wht irritated the hell out of me this season.

  4. BTS is out !! lets see wt thy do with Ali.I hope Ali and Israr save the episode just like Paine and Khwaja have saved the test match for Aus.

  5. I do not wish to spoil your review..but i have fallen in love with luddi hai jamalo by Ali sethi…what a voice..what a song..beautiful,peppy,naughty and every thing..

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