CokeStudio11 Episode 3

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Roye Roye – has a filmy song simplicity to it with easy words and an intimate tune that urges you to sit and take stock of life and love. As I said earlier, I wasn’t too excited to see Momina‘s name in the artist line up. Thanks to Sahir ali Bagga, he proved me wrong. Momina’s parts are actually done up very well by her and she compliments a strong yet very vulenarable Sahir ali Bagga. I absolutely love the tune of the song and as if it was not enough to impress us, we saw Tanveer Hussain on Mandolin and a heartbreaking flute by Baqir Abbas. A super super song!

Allah Karesi – is described by the studio as ‘a bridge between the old and new: this grasping Saraiki composition is an Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi folk classic repackaged by Sanwal Esakhelvi on an EDM sampler’. You could see Ataullah gazing at Sanwal while Sanwal treats this classic song and while I was not familiar with this song before, I assure you if you google it and hear older versions of this, you will notice how ‘modernising or experimenting’ old classics with new arrangement is not always a bad idea. Sanwal  didn’t go into EDM overdose. Instead he tweaked the optics a bit and gave the maximum play to Lala‘s voice which is what matters to me as a listener. I loved the song.

Piya ghar aaya – by Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad and Humnavas is a 13 minute (approx.) rendition. They chose this Baba Bulleh Shah classic and like I said earlier as well in season 1 review, this duo can do anything. To me, this presentation Just didn’t feel spiritually grounded and didn’t touch my soul. It is of course very good but just not what CokeStudio Pakistan deserves. When you have these powerhouses in the studio, you need something that challenges them, this was too easy and predictable and dare I say – a little too showey. I loved the humnawas too much though. I  won’t go looking for this in the playlist, in fact I have to watch Kangna again to come back to the groove. Of course reactions will differ and that is fine, but such presentations would bamboozle those who are probably exploring this magnificient duo relatively recently.

With just 3 songs in this episode, the only let down was the longest track. That said, I was pleasantly surprised by Roye roye and liked Allah Karesi, so not a bad outing by the studio afterall.

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