CokeStudio11 Episode 2

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Runaway – starts with Gul Mohammad (on Sarangi and NOT israj) and in a contrasting touch, Krewella steal the pace from a near paused mood to a breezy pop like song that is immensely enjoyable. What I felt was a bit too early in the song is when Riaz Qadri and Ghulam ali Qadri come in with their part and to me it appeared a bit fractured and I would have made them appear the way they come in at 4:55 mins in the song and not before. I would hear this song again for Krewella and nothing else. Excellent artists, Krewella.

Gaddiye – Starts and you feel you are at a highway and have taken a pit stop to get some gas and from a shop nearby is Lala calling you out. Ataullah khan Esakhelvi and Asrar touch all the right notes in this song. Look how Asrar can soar in CokeStudio when he is relaxed and is singing his own song rather than what the pop cultre expects. Hear Asrar  call out at 5:21 mins in the song, THAT is the Asrar we know and love. Lastly, how good are Babar ali Khanna and Omran Shafique in the song? Super like!

Rasha mama – If you have heard this song even once, just check right now – Can you hear that mad mad rabaab by Khumariyaan the moment you read the name of the song? If you have not heard this song, leave the blogpost and play it right now. Zarsanga makes a dashing entry to the studio and aided with Khumariyaan and a superb Babar ali khanna, she holds your attention and makes you sway with the absolute magical track. Yet another song that widens the arc of the genres which CokeStudio Pakistan explores with every passing season. Zarsanga is plain brilliance on display and her woi allah! calls are a hoot! The song then pauses and what is possibly the best moment in asserting Cokestudio Pakistan’s swag (watch how the camera pans, the music that accompanies the angle from roughly at 3:07 mins to 3:14 mins to know what I mean), Gul Panra gives her interpretation of the song. Her part is more contemporary and filled with modern arrangement which doesn’t feel bad (or wrong) either! This is how Gul Panra can make a splash when you have better producers at the helm. The most played song by me so far.

Ghoom Charakhra – Ah! what a combination, I thought. Abida Parveen and Ali Azmat. I don’t think even Mahotarma Abida Parveen knows that her calls do to the ultimate power  and mere immortals like us. This appearance by her is slightly different from what she has done since some years @ studio. The beat is faster and the composition more aggressive and colorful. There is no ‘build up’ because the song hits the ground running. Ali Azmat followed Abida‘s lead perfectly here. I was somewhat disappointed in the second half of the song (6:02 mins or so) when the arrangement got wayaward and started hindering the free throw of Abida Parveen. Overall, it turned out an above average song where Ali Azmat had precious little to do but he did it perfectly and as usual, Mahotarma Abida Parveen showed why Gulzar sahab says for her ‘Maula ko pukarti hai to lagta hai ki haan…inki awaaz uss tak pachochti hogi’. 

This episode in my view lost its direction fusion wise a little bit. Runaway could have been done better and so is the case with Ghoom charakhra. Still,  Gaddiye and Rasha Mama saved the day and Episode 2 left us with some more good songs that our playlists will treasure for times to come.

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