Laila Majnu 2018 – Music review

You can listen to the review of this album here. I apologise for the bad quality of sound, all my fault. This review appeared first on B.B.C. Do yourself a favour and explore Katyo chuko at every platform you can. Mohammed Muneem Niazi is a treasure. Loved the song. a bit. too. much. Pity the longer version of the review got edited out because of really bad audio quality.

12 thoughts on “Laila Majnu 2018 – Music review

  1. Loved the album and your review. Except Tum I liked almost all the songs but O meri Laila is my favourite. Pardon my “anti-national” views but I like Atif more than Arijit! šŸ˜‰

    1. Hahah! There is no comparison between the two Mona. And if you think your thoughts are anti-national, well you have to explore my blog a bit more. Thank you again! šŸ™‚

  2. Hi Rohit, I am a big fan of your writing and love reading your reviews of Coke Studio. Since season 11 started, I have been visiting your blog 2/3 times everyday to check if you have written any review. Please do write, coke studio is not same without your reviews! Thanks.

  3. So, I didn’t see the value in these songs at first.. then somehow i kept going back to them, only to realise that this album had something that gets the musical ears to explore, question and discover! Aahista, tum and tum reprise are essentially the same tunes treated differently – that’s like mose chhal kiye jaaye and kya se kya ho gaya in Guide! LOVED that! Sarphiri si is like Kashmir+Bengal in one! šŸ™‚

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