CokeStudio PAKISTAN – Explorer Ahoy!

If you are among those 4 people who follow this blog, then you must already know what I feel about Cokestudio Pakistan.

It is time for season 11 but before that the new producers (Ever so wonderful  Ali Hamza and the man I would put all my money on – Zohaib Kazi) have done something different. Though like my dear dear buddy calls it a bit like ‘dewarists’, I sure hope there is no celeb tagger masquerading as a ‘shaair who wants to sing’. If I could, I would shout from rooftops about Cokestudio Pakistan getting back on track, at least that is what appears from this magnificent new offering.

Since I am not in that incestuous echo chamber where people get employment by retweeting and sucking up to power centres, let me unashamedly call out once again – COKESTUDIO PAKISTAN > All Indian similar efforts till date. With this, CokeStudio Pakistan has just raised the bar several notches. The day we in India grow balls to call out bad work from good people as it is, we will probably get closer to melody like our neighbours’

Have a look (since I don’t know how to embed video you can click here itself or copy paste the link below)

13 thoughts on “CokeStudio PAKISTAN – Explorer Ahoy!

  1. Among the 4 people who follow but don’t comment everytime! This is magical and i am sending this to all PAreek dosts of mine too 😉

  2. I first got scared assuming that explorer = Season 11, but thankfully its just an appetiser. Season starts in August. But yeah I’m a big fan of hamza’s voice and his producing credits last season were among the better offerings. I actually very keen to see what Zohaib Kazi does. His can be quite ambient EDM infused sound which thankfully will be a change from the Sufi overload over the years. I didnt know much about him before his collab-act with Zoe Viccaji and then realized how prolific he has been in the scene and in background even with CS.. what an inspired choice for this season (I hope). And as cinemasnob says, explorer is still not a patch on dewarists or even patari’s stellar output over the last 12-18 months in the “music-travelogue genre 🙂

    1. So good to hear from you mate. Explore Zohaib’s ismail ka urdu sheher. We reviewed it on fightclub. Also google – Bijuri the song. I dont agree that explorer is inferior to dewarists. I felt dewarists was too self aware and self congratulatory, not to forget the strictly average songs. I loved this. Also – Cinemasnob is notsosnob now I hear 🙂

  3. I meant Dewarists as an overall package but yeah music wise it was mehh. The tone is any way quite self congratulatory and snobbish with most of the OML stuff. Also realised that patari Fanoos was done by kazi.. But damn excited for CS this year.. Strings with all the star power they got for teh four seasons just gave 1.5 seasons worth of good stuff.

    1. Absolutely agree! And I fail to understand always when dewarists was lauded by the echo chambers in social media. It was supposed to be about music. The music was mehhhh 🙂 that is all that matters. Good to see you back Duke!

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