Goliyon ki rasLeela – Ramleela (2013) Music review

Just pasting some old reviews I penned for Timeout Bombay. Doing this because these reviews aren’t available anywhere now since Timeout Bombay couldn’t afford (tch tch!) to keep old archives on the internet going.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali (SLB) is back to engage us with Ramleela and he has composed the music of the film. His grand portrayal of EVERYTHING gets spilled on the music as well and it doesn’t help in this case.

Ram chahey leela stays closely hugged to the Gujrati backdrop of the film and creates a ‘bazaar’ feel with Bhoomi trivedi doing a nice job of lending her voice to the song. The flipside is the excessive english word usage in the song. Sanjay Leela bhansali goes for a heavy music arrangement to make it grand, like always. The song gets a bit cacophonous towards the end though. Lahu Munh Lag Gaya gets the ‘I will sing only for Sanjay leela bhansali’ singer Shail hada back. The instrument choice is very rich and clearly the singer had a good time but the inability of the composer to twist the arrangement and control the loud backup vocals makes you feel that a song with good potential has been compromised and sent to ‘Grandville’. Ang laga de gives Aditi paul a resonating tune to show us her prowess. A song with excessive usage of instruments like ghungroos, violin, piano etc., gets irritating with constant chants in the background but the tune is top class! Poore chand is a night sound and there is no doubting that right from the word Go. Yet again the heaviness of arrangement kills a somewhat average tune but Shail Hada makes his voice echo and echo good.

Nagada Sang Dhol has SLB written all over it, in a good, celebratory way. Shreya can sing such songs even when she is asleep so it is not a surprise that she is at her lucid best here. Laal Ishq has the usually dependable Arijit singh who sings a song with the much needed stillness. The tone slightly arabic, the treatment very SLB-sque. Thumbs up for Arijit! Who says SLB cannot play with electric guitar and not make the arrangement more cacophonous? Case in point Ishqaun Dhishqyaun sung by Aditya Narayan. If there is a parade of bad songs somewhere, this song will lead from the front. Mor Bani Thanghat Kare oozes out the folk flavor deliciously led by Osman Mir. SLB forgot to add his ‘grand’ treatment to the song. Thank God for that! Dhoop starts with a sombre mood and Shreya Ghosal tries to make way amdist a crowded arrangement. A song that reminded us of Devdas O.S.T. This would be the song which will send a lot of people in the auditorium to smoke up or take a nature call. Tattad Tattad has a very Udit-sque Aditya Narayan doing the mandatory dance song. The song is not bad but gets tedious towards the end and yes, the SLB heavy arrangement (in a light hearted song!) doesn’t help at all!

A grand 1 out of 5 to an album that is headache inducing! Someone get me a Saridon!

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