CokeStudio 10 – Episode 7, Season Finale

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Tera Naam – Trust Sajjad ali to give a geet, a ghazal-sue turn and make us go all of us gooey. A Very well presented song that has a lot of love wrapped. There is a very 1980s-sque sound to the song in the way that it is composed and written. This song creeps up ever so quietly and will surely hijack your playlists. I loved the way back up vocalists were used in this song and the way violins ended everything. Marvellous!

Baanware – Shuja haider is the kind of guy for whom you want all good things to happen even if you don’t know him simply for the reason of how his songs sound and the way his voice sounds. Someone with such a lovely set of tunes and angelic voice deserves everything good. With Baanware he and Aima baig gave us a beautifully fused song and you would be pardoned to feel if Shuja is singing live or not because his voice has a ‘studio’ texture even when he sings live. Aima has been the find of the season and she doesn’t set a foot wrong here. I was somehow unimpressed with the song towards the end because there was just too much happening, tune detour, the arrangement gave way and the sound had the classic strings creaks and crackle. Still, a good song.

Maula tera Noor – Shafqat amanat ali starts off so well but call it the lethargy of the tune or too much maula fatigue, the song doesn’t stick at all and certainly Shani Arshad has done much better work than this. I didn’t have any grouse with the production of the song but the tune sounds tired and composition, wayward. The finale deserved a better song than this from Shani.

Us raah par – Even before the season started we were all made aware by the leaks and what not that there would be a tribute to JJ this time. The sentimental pick aside, the song that featured Ali Hamza, Ali Zafar and Strings as lead vocals didn’t do anything in terms of evoking anything resembling an applause. It is certainly not a season ender song but paid a good tribute to what has been happening in the studio. Too much talent, wasted with excessive production, theatrics, bad tunes and loud noise.

Goodbye CokeStudio. If you should come back, I hope you make us forget the last 2 seasons.

3 thoughts on “CokeStudio 10 – Episode 7, Season Finale

  1. Baanwre- when it started with bhooli bisri chand umeedein .. I braced myself for an amazing song.. but was just ‘good’ and in fact better among the other disappointing songs. Went to listen to the original version- was much better!

    Same happened with Maula tera Noor.

    Was expecting some improvisation to Us raah par .. again disappointed.

    pffff… I hope next year is better!

  2. And tera naam was a nice one! All in all I think Coke studio didn’t focus on ‘composition’ in the run for getting varied arrangements.. going back to ranjish, katey na katey and naina morey!

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