CokeStudio10 – Episode6

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Mast kalandar mast – I cannot understand what’s going on with the producers of the studio. They choose the best of songs for a ‘tribute’ and then botch the tribute with their touch of inefficiency. You do feel sad when good people like Shuja Haider, Umair jaswal, back up vocals and the houseband are wasted. This effort is painfully disjointed and doesn’t do an iota of justice to the magnificent timeless effort of Nusrat Fateh Ali khan. Remember, Ustad achieved all this when there was no ‘Viral at social media’ bull shit existed. At that time, you had to be fundamentally good to be popular, unlike today when you have all sorts of people becoming popular in spite of their lack of talent and originality. What a waste of a song!

Ye Soch – Comes out very well thanks largely to the innovative tune that it houses and pushes. Though I didn’t like the post 3 minute part in the song, Ye Soch sounds much better in terms of sound and melody than most of the new songs that are not a ‘tribute’ this season. I absolutely loved Ali and Natasha both in the song, very well done! Also, it is such a delight to see Shehroze on Sitar, all so confident and dedicated. A good song.

Kate na kate – If there is one song so far that reminded me of good old days of Rohail, it is  this, it is this, it is this. Aima Baig, Humaira Arshad and Rachel viccaji brought the fking house down with this one. Mad props to Ali Hamza for composing this song and not hijacking it. The way he ended the song tightens things even more. What a beauty! Not one song gave the ‘o Hell yea’ feel so far and then this one came along. Splendid, splendid stuff!

 Ghoom tana – Momina, Irteassh and Salman ahmed – what a beautiful combination it translated into! Excellet arrangement, beautiful lyrics and supreme irteaash. A song that we should play a lot in our subcontinent. I loved how Salmaan used Momina’s range. A special word for Irteassh – I hope they do a lot more and continue this melodious journey they have embarked on. Super times!

This was, without a doubt, the best episode of this season and I hope i am proven wrong next week. My pick would no doubt remain – Kate na kate, ghoom tana & Ye Soch. An episode that had girls outshining boys…and boy did we love it!

7 thoughts on “CokeStudio10 – Episode6

  1. INDEED! Like they heard us 🙂 Katey na kate is out of the world!! Ghoom tana is also so good! I didn’t particularly dislike Mast kalandar.. in fact the moment i heard this first song I had my hopes high for this episode!

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