CokeStudio10 – Episode 5

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Sab Maya hai – Sanwal has a powerful voice and you will not waste a second in the song to realise this. While Ataullah‘s voice is the one with deep rooted traditional touches, Sanwal comes up fluid, more contemporary and with fabulous command. Obviously the old song was re-imagined here keeping in mind the space they had to create for Sanwal and it didn’t hurt the feel of the song. Full marks to Shuja for choosing this song and doing what he has done with it. I still don’t like the way songs are sounding. Strings/Studio should really give it a thought for next time, bad bad production. It was heartbreaking to see lala’s voice struggle to be heard in the chaos of instruments towards the last part of the song when he was reciting lines towards the end.

Rangreza – Rahat Fateh ali khan needs to be regulated (like most talented people around), else they are fooled into thinking that they can sing any song (remember the embarrassing – Sayonee?). Sahir ali bagga did that very well here and gave Rahat a song that is cut out for him. Easy on ears, aided by a splendid Shehnai and Haromonium play. Someone should really ban the usage of piya re, rangreza, etc. These are irritating traps that have fed most of the listeners. I loved the way the song was structured and this would surely go in the best of season.

Ujalon mein – Jaffer zaidi is probably the only good thing Studio has retained from Rohail era when it comes to sound. This composition by him with killer guitars and assured vocals by Faraz Anwer along with a solid Faiza Mujahid is a testimony to that. The tune and treatment is pretty contemporary and that’s just about it. Compared to most of the songs this season so far, this song shines.

Bol – Shafqat amanat ali is a splendid singer in a studio and when you give Faiz for him to sing, you don’t need anything else. That is why perhaps, Shani Arshad kept the arrangement gentle and gave maximum play to Shafqat. That said, the song lacked passion and the finality that the lyrics warrant. I am sorry, I expected much more from this timeless set of lines. There is just no sense of permanence this season. You want to know what I am talking about? Hear and see this and tell me if something doesn’t move inside you. This is how you sing and compose Faiz. See this 


Thank God Rohail Hyatt’s channel exists for me to go back to cleanse myself after listening to such badly produced songs. IS ANYONE LISTENING?

Episode 5 ends. 20 songs done.


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