CokeStudio10 – Episode 4

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With the season sounding below average to put it mildly, I was more anxious than encouraged to see this episode. A well paced Naine moray featuring Sir Aamir Zaki, Akbar ali, the fabulous houseband, a brilliant Gul Muhammed on Sarangi and a loud Javed Bashir started the episode. I like the song more than I dislike Javed Bashir’s presence in it so as a sum total, I would surely play this again and again. Jaffer Zaidi is such a talent to have used the ever green gem by Ustad Bade ghulam ali khan sahib and add his brand of ingenuity to give us a well produced, simple song. Trust Akbar ali to make it rain in Bombay the moment ‘kaarey badal baras rahe’ came up in his voice today 🙂

Dekh tera/Lathay di chadar – If we didn’t have QB, this song would have been plain unbearable. The tune is nice, arranged very well…still to me, the parts by Farhaan Saeed came up weak and lacking soul. The saving grace is a good produced sound overall and of course, QB. I was tired somewhere near 5 mins in the song. Tired and angry.

Julie – If you are prepared to ignore ‘faith faith faith’ vibe in this song, you will like it because the music that is ‘composed’ by Ali Zafar and ‘directed’ by Shani arshad is ok but yes absolute third class lyrics at work. Long ago, Cokestudio used to be about music. This season so far, it is about weird gesticulating, mistaking the setting for a concert and being too self aware. That’s just about it.

Jindjaani  – Nirmal Roy and Ali Hamza sang this beautiful composition with a lot of dedication but there was nothing that would stuck once the song ended. It is exactly the ghost of last season to see Ali Hamza composing and then singing it himself. He might be very good but clearly this song deserved a bit more passion than the flat and dull Hamza. It’s as if like the song was composed and executed as a formality with zero dedication and seriousness. It is a plain song that could do well on other platforms but if you think whether this is a CokeStudio Pakistan worthy song? The answer would be a resounding No. Further, if you ask yourself – Is this a CokeStudio season 10 worthy song? You would get a ‘No’ that would echo for long lasting dramatic effects.

What a colossally boring episode, giving us just one good song. CokeStudio Pakistan has lost it completely and it is a shame.

7 thoughts on “CokeStudio10 – Episode 4

  1. Is episode keh review peh ap sey agree nahi karta naina morey is fantasitic aur dekh tera bhi not that bad overall yeh ep aik achi ep the

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