CokeStudio10 – Episode 3

You can read my thoughts on Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here.

Lal Meri pat – Gulzar sahab says ‘whenever Abida Parveen sings and calls out to the lord, the lord must think – yes this is a voice filled with devotion’. Similarly, I feel that whenever lord reads or thinks it must happen in Arieb Azhar’s voice. After allah hu Akbar from the episode 1, this song is probably the closest to what CokeStudio Pakistan used to stand for, most of the times. Psychedelic meets traditional. Yes. Finally QB got a song all to herself and man what a delight it proved to be. A fantastic, well paced execution to this timeless classic that has been reimagined so many times that you would be hard pressed to find a twist in an ordinary new version. Also, re-imagnation is not a remix, there is a big difference between the two. Much to their credit, Strings have aced this so well it makes me want to cry. Akbar Ali’alaap is like a balm to the soul. The houseband, humnawas, ahad nayani in particular – all top class. The only grouse I have and remains – sound production. Go find Rohail you people!

Ronay na dia – The great great Sudarshan faakir wrote this magical ghazal that was one of the two ghazals sung as one (hamradeef). You can listen to it here. Sajjad Ali, whose voice can never really age picked up one of those two ghazals and gave it a mellow treatment and paired with Zaw ali. Zaw’s range and voice is something we should celebrate. Somehow the English part of this version with an excessive mellow treatment of antraa didn’t work for me but that could just be me. I am quite touchy about Jagjit singh and ghazals, for me both mean one and the same thing. What you would surely notice in this song is somewhat better production sound.

Baazi – Sahir ali Bagga knows one note and thats high octane. The energy he got to this somewhat scattered composition is hard to ignore. That said, Aima baig is so good! The houseband was literally on fire in this song, yet it just didn’t come together as a formidable song. The composition dipped a bit too much and the detours, for me, killed the continuity but I went back to the song for the sheer energy. Really, we must do something like this in India to find talent and put them out. These two are just so good!

Mujhse pehli si mohabbat – sounds like those cheaply produced songs where ‘extra treble’ is mistaken as ‘better quality’. Humeira Channa took our hearts away with Phool banro in season 7 and Nabeel has a voice and singing prowess that can make you his fan in 2 mins. All this was taken to cleaners and wasted by Meekal Hassan who brought absolutely nothing new to the composition. There was too much badly produced sound and horrendous execution of practically everything that just made the song unbearable. it was as if Humeira and Nabeel were singing with a karaoke machine. This sound quality can make my sneezes sound better. Meekal Hassan band, bOO!

So the episode 3 is over and that means (assuming there are 7 episodes in total), we are 42% done with the season. Count your favourite songs, you won’t run out of fingers. In fact, just one finger would suffice I guess.

Having said that, this episode was much better than the joke of Episode 2.


8 thoughts on “CokeStudio10 – Episode 3

  1. For me, the pick of this Episode was Rone na Diya and the voice of Zaw Ali (English bits could have been done away with though!). But somehow nothing else struck a cord with me.

    Except Ranjish there is NOTHING that’s on my fav list so far! That’s such a disappointment.

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