Have you checked out Fanoos yet?

Hello to everyone who is reading this blog. Yes I am talking to you Maa papa! (because apparently no-one else does)

If you have somehow by mistake stumbled here then don’t waste your time with reading anything on this blog. Instead, as a token of love for stumbling here (even if it is because you were looking for something else), click here and listen to this song.

We covered Zohaib Kazi and the fabulous music he made for his comic book strip here sometime back. He has been associated with CokeStudio Pakistan for a long time now.

He is back and this time it sounds even better because to put it as the teaser says – ‘Pakistan speaks 70+ languages, yet Pakistani music speaks only a handful’. Team Patari and Zohaib have explored some remote corners in the region to get music out of there and showcase it all for us.

First song is out – you can listen to only on Patari (the superb music streaming service that is actually doing something good) and the photo of this post contains the meaning of the song that is out. The vibe of the song brushes ‘Mastaan Mastaan’ from Tahan and it is a riot to say the least. You can listen to the song here

IMG_1224With some exciting voices lined up, this looks and sounds promising.

Ayeeeee ha!

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