Agreed that

It is not normal for me to pen anything about any song before I review the album because

  1. Noone reads/cares about what I think
  2. Point number (1) above doesn’t matter to me because I don’t care, am arrogant like that.
  3. I am lazy


All this had to take a break when I heard this song whose screenshot I have pasted. What a delightful ghazal-numa song by Sachin-Jigar! Kausar munir top of her game and Parineeti – So real and not autotuned, emotion just right amount of filmy and piercingly real…and all this in one song!

So thrilled! I hope you give this song a listen even if you are in ‘I don’t like Parineeti’ zone because honestly you would be a bum to avoid a song only because you don’t like what the artist is in actual life/whatever you have come to know about her/him via sources who have nothing to do, but to be on social media and jerk off to mediocre gossip (or pander to celebrities/journos) for a living.

Suniye…zaroor suniye and zaroor sochiye – What if there is another crackling version of this in unplugged setting?

Sachin Jigar remain one of the most promising music composers we have today.

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