CokeStudio 9, Episode 4

Uddi Ja  – Mohsin Abbas Haider has a strong voice and he sung this song rather well. At the risk of being repetitive, the arrangement was a bit too much for me. The lyrics and composition were top class no doubt but it could have been a bit more subtle.

Aaya Laariye  – Meesha Shafi, Naeem Abbas Rufi and everyone else in the studio pretty much brought the house down with this one. What I kept wondering was where the brass band musicians were in the song? This is because the song has a pretty heavy brass band set but I was later told it was being played out of the keyboards. Rufi was a revelation to me though, loved his voice and the energy.

Paar Chanaa De  – Noori and Shilpa Rao gave us their version of this evergreen song and I came back disappointed. The track was over produced like anything and too linear in my view. Mohan veena and the overall string section was the only saving grace and poor Shilpa rao had to literally struggle towards the end of the song to be heard. Yet again, the tune that was lent to the song was good but the production was all over the place

Ala Baali by  Nirmal Roy & Jabar Abbas came across as a beautiful song with nice layers and excellent arrangement. I absolutely loved how Nirmal and Jabar complimented each other. The teasing arabic vibe of the song is just so good! They could have done away with the Punjabi part in between to be honest, but that said, superb song!

By no means a good episode and even though all is already recorded and done, I am worried about the remaining episodes. It was episode 4 today and the noise is already unbearable. I wonder what else is in store for us.

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9 thoughts on “CokeStudio 9, Episode 4

  1. It’s amazing how different the Pakistanis and Indians react. Most Pakistanis love “Paar Chana daa”, with almost everyone saying it reminds us of Rohail Hyatt. It is already a hit while Uddi ja is trending in Pakistan as almost everyone loves it. Aja Lariye was not bad but at least Rufi came out strong like the tiger he is. That Ala bali was the weakest song of the episode. I think this episode was much better than the previous ones.

  2. Looks like you have gone in exact opposite direction reviewing this episode. Paar channa de should have been the best and Aya lariye and ala bali (bollywood item numbers) should have been last in the list.

    And for episode 5 also the Noorie song is a failure in terms of quality with the momina which we are going to see in episode 6 too (what is this?).

    1. Haha! No Pradeep, As much as it is all cute about the family singing and playing Mohan Veena, The song was a cacophony towards the end and could have been produced so well. Also, I loved the episode 5 song with momina that you are referring. Even though it is a rock song, there is an obvious restrain in the composition to model it for cokestudio. Hence.

      1. Amazed @ you liking the “noise” starring Momina and Junaid that was produced in episode 5 🙂 “Shamaan pay gayian” was the best song in that episode in my opinion – Kashif Ali has come out so strong after losing out in Pakistan Idol. My only complaint is that there are so few Urdu songs in Coke Studio.

      2. Hi Faroha, see the duration of that song. Even if it was noise, it ended quicker than other stuff. I loved it. Yep totally. I didnt dislike jhalliya as well but then over produced, now we cannot do much there. Heart calling out Rohail. Let us call him out 🙂

  3. Oh then i can not say anything..its about choice.. There is nothing about any family music or veena kind of thing with Paar Channa de.. even i am listing to arif lohar version for 3 years. but the song is superb. everything is there in place. and that last 2 mins are also wonderful…
    And if you liked that memna (sorry momina) kinda song then i think there isnt any bad songs in coke studio.. really you are comparing that noisy song to paar channa de???

    Just give one answer:
    Which is better: 1: Mahi mahi 2: Moko kahan dhnde re

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