Waiting – Music review

It is such a relief to come across music albums which are comfortable in their skin and are just not bothered about sounding ‘too contemporary’ as compared to other ‘film albums’ we come across. There are some really good people out there who know it too well that appealing to everyone isn’t going to work so why even try? 3 out of 4 songs from this album tell us exactly this.

Take Tu hai to main hu for example. Sung by Anushka Manchanda and Nikhil D’souza with a niceness that you associate with accommodating friends and good people who make their point without an iota of ‘drama’. It is composed so beautifully by Mike Mccleary that it almost  made me reach out to my phone to call and thank him for giving us this song. Talking of Mccleary, you must surely check him out in Got my eyes on you. The flirtatious vibe of 1970s along with Mccleary‘s who is all Pizzazz, you would probably start twisting wherever you listen to this. I would be so disappointed if we don’t see an Elvis impersonator with shining suit and contrasting (yet shiny!) shoes in this song.

Waiting for you has a helplessness and innocence that you associate with little kids when they ask you for the first time whether the ‘syringe’ will hurt? They know it will, yet they want us to tell them it won’t. Anushka has quietly dissolved her vocals in the background as Mccleary takes the lead, much in the same way Nikhil has done in Tu hai to main hu and that lends a beautiful sound to the song, unlike any other song you would have heard in a while. I think there was a faint sarod in the song as well towards the end.

The only song that woke me up from the spell the other 3 songs had cast on me is Zara zara and it is not because the arrangement or the singing is bad. in fact, Kavita seth and Vishal sound absolutely at ease. The lyrics of the song leave much to be desired and actually make you cringe at times.

3 out of 4 songs from this album make the cut and that is a damn good percentage! Mike Mccleary is much more than someone who makes ‘English type’ songs. He has a distinctive sound and it is time for the ‘gyaani’ mainstream people to fuse his sound with good lyrics. The effect of that would be something to look forward to

And I assure you, I am ‘waiting’ for it.

Superb album!

You can listen to the album here


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