Nil Battey Sannata – Music review

Murabba – Is a pleasant song sung by Neuman pinto. Penned superbly by Manoj yadav, the song has a delicate sound yet the point where the song takes a flight doesn’t bother the ears. Easily one of the best songs of this year. Mad props to Rohan and Vinayak for keeping the sound so adorable.

Rohan and Aarti have sung a song that is really close to my heart. Maths Mein Dabba Gul is my life story in 4 words. The composition is playful and linear but doesn’t bore you. Yet again, the lyrics are super. Nitesh Tiwari, take a bow for ‘door tujhko jaana hai, kar le tunki full’. Much to the chagrin of office bearers in all institutions, I hope (and secretly pray) this song becomes an anthem for those who are like me. Zero in maths. Zero or negative? Ah! I don’t care!

Maula is sung by the ever so dependable Nandini Srikar and in spite of having excellent string section and solid singing, I couldn’t feel the pain of the song. May be it is because of the way the song is composed. I wish the composers would have given a bit more real estate for the tune to go out and play.

Maa – has got Mohan kannan behind the mic and aided with a splendid arrangement, he does an average job at best. There is an excellent sound to the composition and that is because a superb instrument that has been very wisely used in a song of this genre for the first time. Hear it to find it out yourself. There is another version of the same song sung by Hariharan. Since the arrangement and mood is identical in both the versions, hariharan’s version scores over Mohan’s, sounding more pucca and heartfelt. I know It is borderline blasphemy to say this but probably the most ordinary lyrics were allotted to this song in the album.

Maa Theme (Instrumental) sounds very nice because the tune isn’t as bad as the ordinary lyrics would have lead you to believe. Clearly, this tune would be used to get your handkerchief out in the film, A filmy piece but sounds nice thanks to excellent strings.  

May be because there weren’t any lyrics to cross reference to, the Chanda Theme sounds more layered in comparison to the Maa instrumental version. It’s delicate and has a lullaby like charm.

Aided by good lyrics (most of the times), Rohan and Vinayak have really done a good job because there are no hysterics in the album and sound conveys the mood of the film with ease and calm. Sometimes, this is the most difficult thing to do. So take a bow both of you with your team. An excellent album that is worth a buy and a big thumbs up!

The only grouse is (and that is really a reviewer’s rant) – The makers should at least make their albums available to everyone a month before the film releases. Helps in scheduling reviews on multiple platforms. I hope the message reaches to all the makers. (Or at least those who are confident about the music of their project!)

You can hear the music of the album here

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