Music review – Kapoor & Sons (Estd. 1921)

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Music – Amaal Mallik, Badshah, Arko Pravo Mukherjee and Tanishk Bagchi.

Lyrics  – Badshah, Kumaar, Manoj Muntashir, Dr. Devendra Kafir and Abhiruchi Chand

In a song that would lead a lot of ‘Posh’ people to believe ‘OMG whatay crazy thing we did by calling beautiful as beautiphul’, Kar gayee chul is your typical party song with laughable lyrics (Ladki nahi hai tu hai garam maamla…haha really?) but extremely addictive hook thanks to superb brass use. Although the song is credited to Badshah, Amaal Mallik, Fazilpuria, Sukriti Kakar & Neha Kakkar, the female voice that comes in the second part of the song will remind you of what you would hear when you torment a voice by putting it into complex voice correction and mixing program and then process it endlessly.Clearly, the makers weren’t interested in what they could have achieved with a nice hook.

So we have the hottest Pakistani actor in our film as one of the leads, why not look to get inspired (wink wink) from pakistan in more ways than one. Enter Bolna. In a song that is confused between becoming a ‘Main tainu samjhawan part 2’ and ‘laiyya laiyya’, we get a typical ‘Oh much feels, very many reals’ love song. Arijit has a lot of ‘Arijit-ness’ on display because the tune doesn’t give him much to play with but Asees Kaur is good and sounds promising.

A song that has a serious ‘Sooraj dooba hai’ hangover, we get some interesting lyrics to smile to in ‘Buddhu sa mann hai’. Amaal and Armaan clearly had a good time making the song and that is evident in the sound of the song, although if you hear it closely the beat progression is totally reminiscent of the title song of ‘kk main aur ekk tu’. Ah! the lure of playing safe!

Sung by Arko, Saathi rey is an Ankit tewari song sans ankit tewari. The tune has the same sadness and the singing is ‘Half wannabe Ankit tewari and half Arijit singh’. The lyrics of the song though not stupendous surely deserved a much better and less tiring composition. A forgetful attempt at best.

What do you do when the maker tells you to compose a song within an hour and the brief goes – “It has to be a dance song and you have now 58 mins to complete the song”? You make a song that is literally called ‘Let’s nacho’. It is tough to choose who is bearable of the two. I guess Benny would be our choice because Badshaah is busy ‘attituding’ with lyrics so ordinary, they make passenger announcements sound like a work of Ghalib. Probably the closest synonym of #KuchBhi song this year. So far.

With so much star power and a solid studio backing, it breaks my heart to hear such bad compositions because music gives away the mindset of the makers ‘Let us never bloody experiment and keep the sound familiar’. Listeners deserve much better, (Since forever)

1.5 quints

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