Review – CokeStudio Season 8 Episode 5 #CokeStudio8

Hina ki Khushbu – is a song that all of us came across when we were big enough to know Noor Jehan. For most of us in India, we heard a version of it when Kumar Sanu sang this song in a Hindi film. The Song here is arranged rather well and you get the nostalgic 90s Pop feel from the sound of the proceedings. Samra Khan’s voice is strong and gayaki steady. Asim Azhar on the other hand sounds promising but I couldn’t help feeling the presence of auto-tuner in his voice and quite prominently. Also, it was quite uninspiring to hear ‘kinna sona’ because it lacked the oomph, which is why the song feels long and labored.  In fact this debut reminded me of Uzair jaiswal who was not exactly hitting all the right notes but was singing with such honesty that his songs on CokeStudio still remain my favourites till today. See them here and here  to know what I mean. There is a wonderful presence of Sitar by Shehroze hussain but even then the song is just not what you expect from CokeStudio Pakistan. An experiment that went southwards if you ask me.

Khalis Makhan rubs nostalgia in less than 40 seconds into the song. The gayaki is understated in parts and takes parvaaz in bits, keeping the heartfelt tune steady. Bakshi brothers are accompanied wonderfully well by Sajid ali, Tafu sahab and Arsalaan on Rubaab, Flute and Harmonium respectively. Not sure if this is limited to 90s kids like yours truly, but I am sure you have heard this tune somewhere else in your childhood and that makes the song special for me. There are a lot of variations in the song and as I said, all subtle and quite hummable. There is a certain pain in during disda nahi..Remarkable song!

Kinaray – I am not a fan of MH Band but I can safely conclude that with this song, MH Band has given us one of the most unorthodox sounds of this season. It is calming to hear the backups accompany the wonderfully talented Sharmishta Chatterjee and deliver us a soothing composition that is not even 4:30 mins. The tune is perfect and singing is top class! My pick of the episode, without a doubt! For all of us who know that this track by CokeStudio is a tribute to this composition, the only grouse is – it is less than 5 mins! Lastly, for some reason my YouTube comment was deleted by the admin at CokeStudio, so allow me to link you to the composition which serves as the inspiration of this song. It is by Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty and you can hear it here

Rangeela –  Ali Azmat was the reason enough to wait for the episode and in this song even though I was a tad bit suspicious of the sound (because it sounded too fine and pre-recorded to my untrained ears), Ali Azmat shines. The treatment is a bit filmy and lacks depth that Ali Azmat is known to decipher and display in his songs. The song is good but I have heard Ali Azmat Sing better songs.

Overall, not an impressive episode by any standards but the two songs which work, work like magic!

Picks – Kinaray and Khalis Makhan

7 thoughts on “Review – CokeStudio Season 8 Episode 5 #CokeStudio8

  1. Ill disagree on Ali Azmat, more folksy and back to the Ali Azmat of na rey and kalashifolk. hes has been going off tangent for a long time in the politics, extremeism and the activist type he has become and his songs used to lack that common connect.. this song worked for me.. HIna ki khushboo undoubtly is the worst song of this season, worse than saami meri, confused slight EDM mashup of classic songs butchered by two besura singers.. samara khan was just ok.. not worthy of CS.. bakshi brothers hit it out of the park and MHB was solid though i still long for the MHB of Jawed bashir.. they were the best band in pak by a mile in mid 2000s

  2. I too wonder why did CS remove your comment? But thank you for providing the link to original composition of Kinaray. Apart from Ali Sethi and Nabeel Shaukat this season strings arent able to create magic with fusions and this Hina ki khushboo went down the same route where you think it really wasnt meant to be. I dont know the nuances of music so cant argue with ‘ too fine and pre recorded bit but I like Ali’s vocals and I have got a bias towards him so..:)) Bakshi btothers really did bring back that bacpan as you said. Absolutely loved it.

    1. Thanks Waheed bhai! What I meant was the feel
      If live singing was missing from Ali’s performance. May be it was auto tuned or pre recorded to make it sound better. Yep, totally agree with everything else you said. Now waiting for this week’s dose of life 🙂

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