Review – CokeStudio Season 8, Episode 4 #CokeStudio8

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Rabba Ho – Trust Strings of season 8 to have a million variation in a song that is less than 7 mins. So far it has worked and this song here is no different. Mulazim Hussain reminds me of Sonu nigam and with all the positive vibes (not comparing so cynics, calm your tits please!). The rhythm structure is beautiful especially the way the stanzas are done. Don’t you just love Mulazim when he adds a bit extra ‘hoo’ (with a smile) after that longish alaap of ‘rabbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaa’? The string section is top class and kudos to Shehroze Hussain on Sitar. Tanveer Tafu can basically play anything. I wonder how much time Tafu sahab takes at the ATM machine. He must get busy playing a tune on the damn ATM card itself! A song that is penned beautifully, composed tactfully and delivered passionately…mashallah!

Khari Neem – We saw what Strings can do with a perfectly simple vintage song when they turned this song by its head and gave us an impressive result here. This time, they got Siege to go crazy along with the entire houseband when they presented their tribute to this song. Fit to say they pretty much brought the house down. This sort of singing might not be everyone’s cup of tea, to me the song is a perfect blend of passion and rhythm. Flashes of brilliance from everyone else in the studio makes up for such a happy song! Those claps, the string section, percussion, everything and everyone top class! The last minute and a half of the song just elevates the proceedings and leaves you there…awestruck! Siege, Please sing one more song for us this season, will you?

Piya Dekhan Ko – True to the expectations which creep up at the slightest promise of two good artists performing together, you will see loads of musical dialogue between Ustad Hamid and Nafees and it is beautiful! The arrangement minimal, the feel just right and the presentation filled with old world charm of raga based compositions, this could be the simplest song of the season yet it will not fail you. A song perfect for light listening as well as dancing. Yes! Dancing!

Ae Dil – Beautiful keyboard starts the song and then it occurs to you that Ali Zafar is singing in English. I am not a fan of english efforts on the Studio. Sara Haider (Who we remember over emoting and jumping in Season 7) sings well and even though theΒ  composition is good, the ‘take it away’ from Ali Zafar kills the song because the song is not a ‘take it away’ genre if you know what I mean. The guitar is amazing but it tries too hard to hold the song which is good in pieces (read – Sara’s portions). Ali Zafar is good but somehow we expect much more from him and you do feel that the english part actually compromises the feel of the song from the beginning itself which jeopardizes the continuity in one’s mind. It is not a bad song, just that it sounds broken, especially with the ‘original song’ kept in context in the beginning of the video. Great chemistry between Sara and Ali.

Overall a decent episode where you can listen to 3 out 4 songs on the loop and to be honest, the 4th song isn’t all that bad, just that it is good in portions.

Thumbs up to the producers, this season is turning out to be a revelation!

13 thoughts on “Review – CokeStudio Season 8, Episode 4 #CokeStudio8

  1. They destroyed “Aye dil kisi ki yaad main”. Urdu is such a beautiful language – why did they have to add English? But Sara’s voice is beautiful. Waiting for Ali Azmat, Shazia Manzoor in the upcoming episodes.

  2. 4 eisodes in can probably say, great job by strings.. that once in a lifetime magic like kangna which rohail hyatt created is gone but many more hits than misses by strings..

  3. mulazim and sonu nigam??.. heard him again n again on headphones.. u right.. that barely controlled freestyling singing which somehow elevates the song.. interestingly mulazim and nabeel both were on sur kshetra.. kudos to strings on promoting them..unlike that choot Himesh Reshamiya who gives sining offers on air to every damn third class reality show participant..

  4. @Rohwit,

    Are you a singer, composer,musician or what? I am impressed with your taste and depth of music/sangeet knowledge especially from a country where every singer’s ultimate goal to become a playback singer not a singer :). Take it light bro..


    1. Haha! Thanks Naveed bhai. Thoda generic ho gaya lekin. We have fantastic singers and composers but not everyone gets to hear them. That is where we have let them down as a country. Hopefully this will change. And no i am neither a musician nor a singer. Yet to figure out what i am. πŸ™‚

  5. Hello @Rohwit, I created this cover of a very famous song Phir Le Aaya Dil. Would like you to put it in your blog and review it.. ofcourse if you like it.. πŸ™‚

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