All events are real and not Fictional

Just ranting, because it is in vogue. This isn’t a review 🙂 (because even this is in vogue)

Long time back, when I was learning to push keyboard of the computer without fearing that it will explode and something might go wrong, I went to the online world to read and write about films, music, books, everything! As they say, like assholes, everyone has an opinion. I of course didn’t know this because I read this maxim on internet (मैं किताबें नहीं पढ़ता था. बस उतनी पढ़ता था जिनसे मैं ‘प्रमोट’ हो कर पास हो जाऊ अगली कक्षा में. I am not from I.I.T., I.I.M.

Anyway, there were many forums which I came across. One particular forum was just too intimidating – for the simple reason that everyone knew everything about cinema there, and this I couldn’t accept. अपने दिमाग में हम सबसे बड़े तुर्रम खान थे, and that is why, I never NEVER went there to read anything. So I searched and landed to another forum where people were exactly like me – uninformed and having a false sense of pride stemming from the misconception that ‘I know everything’

Many good films with a different voice and many music albums with different sound came out then. As with liberal arts, there were disagreements, fights, abuses and what not. I remember vividly few ‘creatures’ making fun of seemingly new names (and those who liked these new names). I see those ‘creatures’ wander on social media networks today seeking a favor, a meeting, a like, or an RT from the same set of film makers they were busy ridiculing.

No artist needs ‘defending’ so I won’t say I defended anyone, anywhere. Yet I was a fanboy and I continue to be one. Obviously all fanboys have expectations and so did I but my expectations weren’t revolving around a possibility of the maker reading my ‘script’ or give me ‘work’. All I ever wanted was to see the same honesty of effort on screen which was visible earlier. Don’t tell me that what defines ‘honesty’ might mean differently for you and others. मैं इतना पढ़ा लिखा नहीं हूँ की इतना मेटा रिफरेन्स समझ पाऊ. मुझे मेटा का मतलब भी नहीं पता है वैसे. Also, buying a ticket/music gives me a right to share my opinion, loudly as I might choose because surprise! you make a big P.R. song and dance about your product  prior to the release which I am hoping is directed towards making more and more people see your work?

Please don’t curse the fanboys/fangirls sir. Some of them are NOT Yes-men. They mean well :). If you can’t handle honest expectations, I invite you to sit on one of my good friends’ chair and make glorious presentations and work on excel sheets and present it to ever demanding clients who wouldn’t be impressed and make you work harder for money with every passing assignment (Surprise! Just like films!).

So please spare me the exaggerated sense of self worth and no matter where you live, please resume kickass work. Don’t focus on silly ‘making’ videos. Do all this quick because It is visibly the lowest point for a lot of silly boys and girls who are getting ample nudge and winks laced with puns about ‘one of their favorite filmmakers’.

À bientôt

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