Piddly – Whaaaa? daaa?? faaaaaa?

Yes, this is the kind of post that I would never do because it is not cool to give out ‘first reaction’
Anyway, this is about shamitabh. This is about a song that has ilayaraja at the helm and words are penned by Swanand kirkire.
When I write ‘piddly’ from my keyboard, it auto-corrects the same to ‘puddle’ and that is exactly what the song is. The song has 1980s feel to it.
1980s when the music cassette was invaded by ‘featuring dialogues’ (because the music is so bad!)
I am ok with the autotune because, well why not! But lyrics are embarrassing to say the least. The ‘stanza’ is embarrassing. No wonder the audio was released after with video because we have to depend on the video Y’all!
Why should English words stay behind in the times when we have a million urdu words around which a song has to be made no matter what happens!
Perhaps some people should stay in 1980s.
It is exactly that kind of a song which the ‘inner circle of the elites’ will praise but would bitch about later and publicly dismiss ‘masses’ for not understanding the ‘finer nuances’.
Sorry didn’t work!

Also – Boo!

Check out the song and feel free to disagree with me

4 thoughts on “Piddly – Whaaaa? daaa?? faaaaaa?

  1. Hello there!

    The music album is out! The rest of the album is filled with electronica! Could you review it after hearing it multiple times?

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