Kahun aur Kya – Ghazal album review

Universal music

INR 150 on iTunes

Released – November 2013

Penned by Ameeta Parsuram ‘Meeta’

Vocals by Ustad Shafqat ali khan and Meeta

The album starts with the ghazal that lends its name to the album Kahu aur kya is a delicately composed and sung by Shafqat ali khan. The excellent tabla and sitar for most part keep the tempo stable and it’s a listeners delight to hear this old form of ghazal gayaki that is long gone. Shafqat ali has a Mehdi hassan style of rendition and that is again quite refreshing. Wafaa ki shaan is my personal favorite from the album for the simple reason that the poetry is quite nicely weaved in the music arrangement. Flute and sarangi is top class and takes you back to the good old days when ghazal represented more, much more than a music album. If my memory serves me right, Meeta has used her takhallus for the first time in this ghazal.

Koi dharkan has Meeta bringing in the ghazal and Shafqat delivering yet another ghazal that is composed with so much old world charm that it shows. Meeta, which is now her style I reckon brings in all the antraas. Owing to the pace of the ghazal it doesn’t sound invasive but too much of this might put off the listener. Not in this case though. Mere mehboob is a nazm that Meeta has already sung in Irshaad sometime back. This time music arrangement is slightly more intimate and the rendition a tad slow. I would still root for the irshaad version though. There is a lot more emotion in this nevertheless.

Zindagi apna safar features rich music arrangement of traditional instruments like Sarod and Sarangi. This might take a bit of time to grow because the composition is not uniform and to give the benefit of doubt to us listeners, we haven’t heard something like this since last few years. Definitely worth a listen. Main behr-e-ishq  starts with Sarangi that will break your heart, it’s so beautiful. This is how a nazm is ideally done. Just by the sarangi and powerful words. It reminded me for some reason of the old Bahadur shah zafar’s nazm that was sung brilliantly by Mohd. Rafi and was featured in Lal qilla na kisi ki aankh ka noor hu. I would have liked this nazm to be longer. In Wahi ishq hai Shafqat ali goes on high notes comfortably and then scales down. Yet again, along with his mellifluous singing what will arrest your attention is the superlative music setting. It is beyond beautiful! Be it the Guitar that surprises us or the excellent tabla or the evergreen Sarangi, all of it comes together with such ease that it might fool you into believing this ghazal to be an easy ghazal to sing.

Thanks to the ever so declining numbers of ghazal albums, most of the people who buy music are oblivious of ghazals but this could be a good beginning if you like ghazals. It will involve time because a ghazal always needs space, to grow.

Go and buy this album to hear how old world charm sounds like, you shall not be disappointed.

You can listen to the album here

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